Linkind Door Window Sensor

Just want to give folks a heads up that the Linkind Door Window Sensor appear to work with HE. They're a great bargain at only at only $22/pair. Don't think I would trust my home security with these but wouldn't hesitate to use them for cabinet, closet or appliance door automations.

Upon inclusion, the Device Type isn't initially recognized but that's easily remedied by selecting the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor (no temp).

Battery is reporting at 62%. Given these are brand new, I'm not sure if that's correct or not. When I get around to it I'll install a new CR2032 and see how it reports.

The sensor's average break point appears to be 5/8 of an inch so mounting them with no more than a 1/2 inch gap should work fine.


If you get a chance (if you pair up any more of these), take a screenshot of the pairing data (make sure to click "more" so you get it all on the screen) for Mike Maxwell so he can add the fingerprint to the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor. That way it will identify the correct driver (in the future).


FWIW, just wanted to add that the Linkind Contact Sensor, Linkind Motion Sensor, andLinkind Keypad are all zigbee 3.0 certified.

Someone linked to the Linkind keypad a while ago. Unfortunately, I've not been able to find it sold on it's own. It appears to only be sold as part of a set.

Don't think you'd be able to use the "siren/hub" but the rest looks like you could. But $99 is kinda pricy for 3 sensors and a keypad.

ID: 7A77
Manufacturer: lk
Product Name:
Model Number: ZB-DoorSensor-D0003
deviceTypeId: 129
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0001,0003,0020,0500,0B05
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application : 25
outClusters : 0019
initialized : true
model : ZB-DoorSensor-D0003
stage : 4


Tagging @mike.maxwell for @glenn's fingerprint for Linkind Contact Sensor.


FYI, I had a tough time adding the sensors back in after removing it from HE. The instructions have you press the reset button for 3 seconds until the red led comes on. The sensor appeared to be included but after updating to the device type I couldn't get the battery or contact to register. I removed and added it back a few more times but still had the same issue. Finally got it to work by removing it from HE and then removing the battery before adding it back in.

On a related note, when I originally added the sensors they both reported battery level of 62% but today they were both showing 100%.

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Thanks for this thread. I was looking for a contact sensor and got this one. I installed them today and it paired at first attempt. I also seem to get a good open/close responses.
Mine started with 75% battery. I will update later if it goes up to 100 like glenn's.

Interesting, they're like IRIS devices, reborn as Zigbee 3.0.
and with a single button:

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Reborn, indeed.

Is the Linkind (ex: Leedarson) button working with Hubitat? It would be nice to have another button option.

I just purchased these and I was able to pair (include) change to correct device but under Devices they don't report anything ? Open or Closed no battery info either ?

when I look at devices for the Linkind Contact Sensor at the bottom of the page ot states PENDING for Status ????

I am returning them. Taking the battery out resets them ????????????

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