Lightwave (Gen2) Integration - WogaLWRF

Dear all,

I moved over to Hubitat, from Smartthings, recently. Already I'm really impressed with the community and setup.

I've been working on a Lightwave Smart Series Integration App and am ready to release a beta version for comment:

Currently beta, there are two device products available, the L42 and LW400.

What's working:

  1. Basic functionality. i.e. switch on / off
  2. Dimming
  3. Using the actuators within simple rule sets.
  4. Webhook events are removed from Lightwave upon app removal
  5. Initiate a manual bulk read of ecosystem attributes.
  6. Session refresh to the Lightwave API

What's not yet working:

  1. I've left the code I've been using to test webhooks in for the moment. If you enter the maker AppId in the App, and set the deviceId in the device, webhook events will be created in Lightwave. Although I've seen webhook events hit my hub the full functionality isn't there and it needs more work.
  2. Adding / deleting devices, other than on app install.
  3. Bear in mind if you view the page where the API refresh token is set you will need to refresh it manually on your Lightwave account and enter it again, as I can't seem to update what's displayed when the token is refreshed by the app.

I hope you find this App useful.



Version 1.1.0 beta now available.


  1. Added OAUTH for webhooks
  2. Webhooks now working
  3. All devices now uninstalled upon App removal

I intend to split the webhooks out, specifically by device, for ecosystem changes. I will also now work on a driver for the lightwave hub

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This is definitely interesting to me.

I'm really struggling finding a good lighting solution for my house that I'm renovating.

My problem is I have a couple of 2 way and 3 way lighting circuits that I want to be dimmable, but obviously I also like the whole lot to be good to go on my dashboard.

Just so I know I'm looking at the right thing... lol which light switches are you using for this app? Please.

Can I just use any of these?


Each switch on a module is discovered and created as a single device. The basic device will cover on/off and dim. I only created specific devices for the G2 sockets and G1 dimmer. Technically yes, you could use any of the ones on that page with the default switch device.

If there were features on the module you bought, that you were particularly interested in, I wouldn't mind creating a specific device for it.

I've been using the app for a couple of months now with rules and linked, via Hubitat, with Alexa and it's been working fine.

It's still a little rough round the edges but basic functionality is there. I never really took it out of beta because of no perceived interest. It wouldn't take much to release it.

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Hi Patrick, did you ever bring this out of beta? I’m new to hubitat and would love to be able to integrate my Lwrf switches with it. I did install the app and managed to set the api tokens. Initially it says that the devices are discovered but then says they cannot be added. In the event logs I can see it finds the names of my switches but nothing shows under devices.I have a mixture of 1,2 and 3 gang switches. Thanks Chris

Hi Chris,

I haven't done anything to it for quite some time. Happy to revisit it though.

If it's finding the devices from the api call that's a good sign.

I'm pretty sure I set the basic switch handler, 'WogaLWRF - Lightwave Switch, ' as the default device type if there wasn't a specific handler for the found device. I'll have a look tomorrow and jog my memory. With the way Lightwave treat a switch on a multi-gang device as a named device that should be enough to get basic functionality.

Did you install the device driver code files?


So after a bit of playing around last night the devices did actually show up and are now controllable which is great news😃 I also realised that although I’d installed the drivers I hadn’t actually assigned them to the device, it seems the LW400 driver is the only one that provides the option for dimmer control but I can’t seem to get them to actually respond to any dimming requests. On/off and identify is all working. I was initially trying it on a 2 gang but as the driver was for the 400 I also tried it on a single gang switch to see if that made a difference but it doesn’t appear to dim from there either. I’ve tried it from the device settings itself and via a tile on the dashboard.


That's good although it should have given the device the default LWRF driver. The LW400 is a light switch which is why it has the dimmer function. The other two are power switch based.

It's so long since I touched this. I remember I commented out a load of debug, once it was mostly functional. Do you see any debug when trying to set the dimmer?

We could always write a device driver for your device.

They are all light switches that I have. I see the following in the logs after trying to set the dim level via the device screen.

What would be required in writing a specific driver for the 2 and 3 gang light switches? Unfortunately I have no development experience as much as I’d love to understand how it works.


Ok, the good news is I can probably fix the dimmer fairly easily. Looks like the attribute value against the variable type might be mismatched.

I'll try and have a look this week. It was working at some point although I rarely use the dimmer.

Can you tell me which driver you're using for that switch?

Never mind I've spotted it.

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Right, I made a minor change to the dimmer function in the LW400 driver. I've not tested it as the kids are getting ready for school and the dog wants to go out.

Let me know if that makes any difference. I'll try and test it myself later.

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Ok, found ten mins, tested and fixed. The LW400 code is updated in GitHub.

Updated the code and have full dimmer functionality. I’ll apply it to the other switches but all looks good. Integrating with light wave was my one limiting factors with moving to Hubitat so this is great. Really appreciate your time to look at this. Chris

Good. Pleased it works.

The LW400 is a gen 1 light switch. I wrote the app so it could handle hooks, i.e. state change notifications from lightwave but if you notice any issues let me know. I don't know whether the gen2 light switches have any additional features such as power draw that obviously won't be coded.

Anyway, let me know if there's something missing you really need. I'm sure we can work it out.

Just stumbled across this thread.
I'm currently using all Gen 1 stuff. Hub, dimmer and outlets.
I have it working through an RPi to give full local integration.
Are you saying that this setup will work with Gen 1 devices.
Just wondering if this could be a backup if my RPi goes txts up.
I assume it would be a cloud integration though.


This is cloud integration from the point that an api call is made to lightwave upon a local device state change request, yes.

It works with gen1 & gen2. The only caveat being I was able to write a limited number of device drivers based on ownership. Basic functionality of on/off should work for all.

I did look at local control possibilities when I first set out but it was a bit beyond me.


Thanks for the prompt response.
I'll have to see if I can find my api info to have a viable backup plan in the case of an RPi failure.

I'm pretty sure I wrote some instructions on the app landing page when you first install it. Hopefully that might point you in the right direction.

Looking at the bottom of my Gen 1 hub, the 'cloud' info is not there. Looks like this is only for Gen2 hubs.
Not to worry. Thanks for your help. :+1:

Ah yes, the hub would need to be gen2, not necessarily the devices.

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