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I had been messing around with openhab on a Pi3b for about a year and it worked pretty well but I always seemed to run into reliability issues. Bought a Hubitat and am kicking myself that I didn't do that sooner. I have one question though. I have a mixed bag of zigbee and zwave devices, all of which work flawlessly. That being said I have an interest in using cheaper WiFi lights along with Hubitat but am running into roadblocks. I do NOT want to be forced to use the internet to control said lights. I find it pointless to create an automated home to be forced to use internet for controls unless I need to do so remotely, which I do not foresee. If I do then I will create a VPN login for my home network to do so. Does anyone have any thoughts, ideas or actual solutions? Every time I contact a vendor about using their lights with a hub they always say the same thing, you MUST use our app with the internet or it will not work...


Many WiFi bulbs are vendor locked with no local access (or local access only through the vendor's app). Others are not, including:

  1. Hubitat natively supports YeeLights.
  2. @djgutheinz has written a Hubitat integration for TP-Link products including their bulbs
  3. @rob has written an integration for LIFX bulbs
  4. @adamkempenich has written a Hubitat integration for Magic Home WiFi devices

There are integrations for bulbs that can be tasmotized, which require the bulbs to be modified.

P.S. Welcome to Hubitat!

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Thank you so much for the quick response and links! I have no problem modifying to a certain extent, however, I am interested in outdoor lighting as well and since I live in New England , breaking the weathertight seals could be an issue. Thanks again!

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The bulb modification is firmware update over the air, no need to open up bulbs..

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Would that work with Novostella lights?

edit, Scratch this, found some videos that show that it can be done... THANKS!!!

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Anyone else that is searching like I was, here is a video on how to do it with the actual flood lights I was looking into. Flashing Tasmota on Novostella lights [IMPORTANT NOTE IN DESCRIPTION] - YouTube Can't wait to try this out!! THANKS AGAIN!!


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