Lighting button doesn't always turn on/off all lights

I created a Goodnight & a GoodMorning button, to (as you might expect) turn on a bunch of lights in the morning, and turn off a bunch of lights at night respectively. All Leviton Z-Wave DZ6HD switches.

Sometimes when I 'push' the button it works, but more often than not, it only turns on/off a subset of lights. Seems to be a random subset.... if I hit the button again it usually catches all the ones it missed. I have the flag to only send the command to switches that are on/off. My Z-Wave mesh is quite healthy except for a couple of outliers - ironically the far away switches have never failed, it's ones that are close by the hub and have strong signals that usually are flakey.

It's almost like the hub just doesn't have the CPU horsepower to send out all the commands? I have a C7 version (ordered the C8 to see if it will help)

What driver are you using for the devices? I have a published custom driver for that device, not sure if it will help. [DRIVER] Leviton Dimmers (DZPD3 / DZ6HD)

Also, please post a screenshot of your rule(s)

The C8 does not have any better CPU or Memory than the C7, but it does have a better Zwave chip and external antenna so possibly that may help.

More than likely though it can be made to work by tweaking some things in your rule.

I know with some of my other home automation rules if I have too many items in the same "action" it can miss some. Maybe try breaking it up into two actions and see if that helps.

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I have found that adding a 5 second delay between commands keeps this from happening.

Previously, if all the commands were lumped together, some lights and/or shades didn’t respond. A second press of the button usually worked. My limited knowledge tells me the hub is getting inundated with commands all at once, and sometimes misses a command.

1 through 4 are lights in the living room.

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If your devices are older make sure the firmware is up to date

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I have updated the firmware on all the Leviton switches.
Here is a screenshot of the setup in Button Controller.

I can certainly try spacing them out with a wait in between - seems to me that this relatively small number of lights should be a walk in the park though. imagine if I had 10 times this?

The custom driver for the Levitons is certainly interesting. I am definitely going to try that...

I would break it out into two commands in the rule and put the second one on a 1-2 second delay. That helped with the reliability of a similar rule for have. It is sort of cool to have it go off in phases anyway I found.

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