LIFX Local Control


@kilowatts did the Lifx bulbs were ok from the Lifx app when not working from HE?
And did you try clicking the clear cache button in discovery when trying to add them again?


Yeah, they were ok within the LIFX app. I did try clearing the cache, but the main thing is the buttons within the Master App were not doing anything.


I saw that but it may not be immediately clear to some users that you recommend ip reservations. It also should probably be added near the top as a lot of people don't read that far down :wink:
Just suggestions based on past experiences.


Sounds like something seriously weird happened to the app, but without logs it's tricky to diagnose :frowning:


Yeah, it must've happened during the night because my lampposts were still on. I didn't catch it until it had disappeared from the Past Logs. I wish there was a way to extend the Past Logs range.


Yeah, you're right - it's better to put it on the Discovery page I think.


An external log server would help - might be worth a feature request.


There is an alternative, but it would be a breaking change - use the MAC address instead of the IP.

I'm also wondering about the possibility of creating some proxy drivers that would forward on to the real ones, not sure how easy that would be. The idea being that you'd use the proxy drivers in all other apps. Then if the app had to be uninstalled you'd only have to re-pair the proxy with the real driver and all your automations would run unchanged. It would be nice to be able to do that automatically from the app, but I don't think it's possible for an app to create a non-child device.

This may just be pie-in-the-sky thinking though.


:+1: if that is an option, then I think it's definitely the way to go.


Agreed. Probably a right pain to do now.. but probably the right approach


We like fixing broken things round here. :slight_smile:


On further reflection, it's probably good enough to use the built-in groups and scenes app rather than writing a proxy. If we always use groups - even groups containing just one device - then there's only one place to update LIFX devices, which has to be easier in case of LIFX issues.

Using groups there seems to be minimal 'popcorning' when used with the 4 devices I have in my office. You can see that some devices lag slightly behind others, but it seems to be far less that 0.25 seconds to me.


I tried to create a group with my color lifx bulbs but they do not appear under dimmers. If I comment out the color capabilities they do show up. I dont normally use groups so this may be intentional (can't think of why though).


They do show up under bulbs, and seem to provide all the standard features except for SetState.


Can you setLevel with the group when you set them up as bulbs?


Yes, SetLevel, SetHue, SetSaturation, SetColor, SetColorTemperature, On and Off all work in groups


Ahhh...well I assumed....nevermind, we all know the rest of that statement.


Hang on, SetHue isn't working :frowning:


Slight modification to that, SetHue isn't working when in CT mode, but is after setting a colour - that can probably be fixed


Another really nice thing about Groups and Scenes groups is that its groups can contain other groups, for example I have some lamps that contain more than one bulb, being able to control them as a single device is pretty handy, while also being able to control the entire room or house as other devices.

Not really played with scenes yet, but they may have some potential, I'll have to have a play.