Life360 Connection Error: 403

I recently noticed that my life 360 presence was not updating. After exploring Hubitat, I noticed that Hubitat is not able to log into LIfe360.
I've tried:

  • Verifying my Life360 ID and PW through the life360 website - check
  • Updated my Hubitat Firmware - Currently running version:
  • Removed and reinstalled Hubitat Package Manager
  • Removed and reinstalled HPM's Life360+

Still unable to get Hubitat to log onto Life360, and receive error message "Life360 Connection Error: 403"

L360 has cracked down on 3rd-party integrations, so most are no longer working. If some 3rd-party variation does still work, it's generally inconsistent or unreliable.

Definitely recommend a different geofence option instead.


Any recommendations for a Geofence to use on the four iPhone for my family?

I moved over to using HomeKit instead, but Geofency and Owntracks have both also been popular choices since L360 tightened up -- if you search within the community here, there are setup threads or instructions for all 3 of those options.


Another option for iPhones.


I've been trying the Hubitat app for Geofence in my families four iPhones for the past few days and it's intermittent.

Couldn't figure out how to add my iPhone as a device in HomeKit.

Update: Unfortunately the Hubitat app performed intermittently for Geofence.

I tried to setup Apple HomeKit, but couldn't find any complete documentation.

I've been using Locative on my families phones for several days now and it works well. There's a great tutorial to guide you through the setup process.

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