Life360 Broken

Just FYI.

Life360 changed something on their end in the last day. Now Life360 doesn't work/update on Hubitat or Home Assistant - so it isn't hubitat specific.

Don't know if it is temporary, code change needed, or other.


Working for me using the stock app. We left for dinner at 615 and back at 830 and I have updates in the device.

Odd - the stock integration is working fine in HE for me & wife -- correctly tracked both outings today (last one just an hour ago).

Weird. I'll poke around on it some more then.... Maybe it is a regional thing or something. Tons of user reports on it on the home assistant side.

For me, on hubitat the life360 login fails and generate this in the logs (yes I double checked the password :slight_smile: ):

app:5 2023-07-29 09:29:16.335PM warn Unable to get token for life360 authorization.
app:5 2023-07-29 09:29:16.334PM error getToken Error:null
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I thought I was going crazy. I'm having the same issue. The automation was being kind of buggy yesterday, but we left the house today and now it doesn't work. When we returned, is still showing us as away. I checked the Life360 connector app and it shows a failed login. I've triple checked the password and used it on another device which works so I know it's correct. Just all the sudden, the connector doesn't connect. Any way to fix this?


Hopefully something happens with this. Can log into life360 fine from websites and app, but shows failed when trying to setup in he. Everything has been working fine until today.

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Same here :rage: :rage: :rage:

I'm using Joe Page's Life360+ on his HD+ dashboards. It was working well at midday yesterday. This morning when I click on a Life360 tile I see 'ERROR:NotInstalled'

Home Assistant guys posted a fix for their integration last night. Seems they had to change around some of the authentication based on changes Life360 made. Change is in the file if anyone wants to look.

Looks like Life360 is moving their stuff to cloudfront (amazon), and screwed it up somehow. So it is possible that it will magically fix itself once the Life360 engineers fix their mess up.


_HOST = ""

Changes to:

_HOST = ""

And the client token was updated, too.


Thanks for the info!

Is this fix strictly for HA? I'm assuming we can't edit the host address on the built in app in HE.



I expect it will take a day or two to get this resolved. Before Hubitat goes chasing code, they probably want to wait a day or two and see if Life360 is going to roll that change back or not. Otherwise they will just be chasing their tails.


Thank you sir! Good to know it's being figured out. Thanks for the explanation!



oh "good" its not just me mine is also broken

i logged into 360 with my password so i know that is not the issue

So for HE users, we’re all waiting for a fix still?


Interestingly enough, even their system is lagging really bad. My wife left the house earlier today and I didn't get the notification from the L360 app until about 40 minutes after she'd left. Another for my father that arrived with no notification, then the arrival and departure notifications together about 20 minutes after he left. The HE connection is still broken, but it seems it's deeper than that. They're having issues on their basic operation as well.

Maybe it is regional (I'm in Australia) or it's been fixed, just checked mine and it says I'm home, wife at work, daughter at school and all the times of leaving and arriving are correct, dashboard is correct and automation's are working fine. I just arrived back home and it updated straight away.

Just got home from a weekend away. Awesome that the problem was identified quickly.

Glad to see it is not just me. I basically moved to Hubitat from smartthings after they shut groovy down so I could use life360.