Life 360 stopped changing presence status in hubitat

4 days ago ,my webcore pistones stopped executing rules depending on life 360,
it is exactly the date of the 2.3.6 release.
I tried everything,reinstall life 360,reinstall and reintegrate hubitat app on android,even restoring older back up of hubitat. The app life 360 working fine but its not changing presence on virtual device that application created for presence events.
Is It just me?

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Any details you can capture in screnshots would be useful, including your Life360 setup in He, any logs in HE, etc...

I dont really know what to attach :slight_smile:
what log exactly?
there is no log for virtual device that life 360 created,i named it Alex and when i am leaving home or come back ,this virtual device property "current state" not updating after latest update. I didn't change anything.There is no events.
How can i show that life 360 app working fine in the phone it's just stopped to update virtual device that it created
I just want that somebody will check his life 360 virtual device when arriving and departing and that its property of presence is changing.
The app is installed and connected in HE and virtual device to,i see this devices in webcore and even,if i change manually the property of virtual presence device,the pistons working fine and everything executed as before.

If you can write to me ,what exactly to attach,i will do it gladly

You have already won me over... :wink:

I'll also admit, logging nothing is difficult....

Hmm.... Anything is useful,,,,

Yeah... hard ask,,,, I know,,, Let me (and others) think....

I don't have Life360, but I saw activity on the Release thread that's relevant:

It's probably a good point to question whether you are using a built-in or custom integration... hoping you are referring to a built-in integration... That absolves some of the responsibility... :slight_smile: Not that should be the thing that makes me happy.... :wink:

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off course built in integration

Logs would be useful... But I could be repeating myself... So call me out if I am....

I read it and he have same issue that he resolve by installing life 360+,maybe it's temporary solution,but if He have built in app that stopped working,somebody should check it and fix it

I had the SAME issues. I ended up ditching Life360 Connector and installed Life360+

Everything is working again
Back in business...again

I cannot tell you why Life360 Connector stopped updating status. All i can tell you Life360+ is working with the latest Hubitat Firmware update

Hope that helps

If you are experiencing an issue with a HE built-in app / driver, then definitely it is worth pursuing, whether it be with us in the Community, or with the HE staff.

how to involve He stuff to participate in this issue?

I installed this driver from package manager,but i don't have new app/virtual presence device ,so how to use it?

@bobbyD or similar is the way to include support...

But if you are looking for alternate solutions via HPM, then we are your best-bet....

Life360+ is setup the same was as you did Life360 Connector

Youll have to redirect your presence settings to life360+

When youve installed life360+ the drivers shouldve downloaded already too.

For my experience i had to make sure my presence detection in the automations was using life360+ and not the life360 connector

It will take you about 20 min to do this unless you have ALOT of presence automations

I just have Arrival and Leaving on android and ios (2 phones)

Have you tried removing the presence sensors, then uninstall the app and reinstall?

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How to redirect presence settings and to what device/app?

there is no real presence sensors just virtual device that created by life 360 app.
its impossible to uninstall it,i removed whole app and reinstalled it and it installed the virtual presence device again,still not working.