Let's talk thermostats and house comfort


Does anyone here use the Honeywell T6 Pro Zwave thermostat?
Any issues?


I have the Lyric T5 thermostat. I think the difference between the T5 and T6 is that the T6 was a dealer installed device and the T5 was a consumer available device. As far as I know both the T5 and T6 devices are both cloud based WiFi devices. If you look at the upper right corner of the picture you can see the WiFi symbol.


The T6 Pro has a Zwave Plus Option.


I have never seen any reference to the Lyric T series and Zwave and I was at the Honeywell plant involved with the App beta. It took some looking to find it. Thanks.


I found a DH on the ST forums so . . .


So, can we have a candid comment about the quality/capabilities/etc. of the T6 Pro?
(from an insider, without giving out any industrial secrets)


I don't know if the WiFi and Zwave devices can compare. The interfaces look alike and I would assume they program at the device in a similar way. Beyond that, the Zwave device would be totally controlled through the HE hub. As it is now, I have no access to the thermostat through HE. My only control is through the app and Alexa and I so seldom use the app. It is nice to have Alexa to turn up the heat on cold mornings when I decide to get up early.
I will say, I am very tempted to get one of them and replace my T5. I like the look of the device, which I don't think I could say of any of the Zwave devices I have looked at.


I know I'm a bit late on this question, but I just helped a friend I converted to Hubitat add a Honeywell T6 Pro to his system. It mostly works fine, but Google Home doesn't always like to control it (seems to be better lately)--a minor problem--but will also occasionally send about 10 current temperature reports per second for minutes at a time, flooding the hub logs, and presumably not doing the Z-Wave network any favors--presumably a major problem, though it doesn't actually seem to be causing any real problems. Anyone else noticed this? Tempted to try porting the ST driver, though unless the driver is generating spurious events it seems far more likely to be an issue with the device itself.