Last cloud backup was unsuccessful. Failed steps: Z-Wave

C7 hub - no problem otherwise, including Z-wave devices

This seems to fail more often than not and I get a notice. Running a manual cloud backup is quick and usually clears it but sometimes fails. Is this a bigger issue?

Any idea on how to fix?

This is something that @bcopeland and/or @gopher.ny may need to look at.

Is your z-wave firmware up to date? If not you will see an "Update Firmware" button on the z-wave details. If it is already updated the button will not be visible.

Also, they recently pushed out a SDK update to help with the backup troubles. At first it was automatic but then they reverted that due to issues getting the z-wave firmware to update. So it is possible you missed out on that update. I would run this endpoint to check yours. It will either update (spins for a while) it or say its already updated.

I would run it multiple times until you get the message saying it is updated, not sure why but it took me a couple of tries before it said that.


That endpoint says "already running v7.18.3"

I don't see an update Firmware button

If you get that message you won't see an update button.

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Actually the Z-wave firmware update is separate from the Z/IP (SDK) update, so you could have one updated but not the other.

@825d60685b34c4f304ab You should PM @support_team or start a case on the support site. You have Hub Protect so you could do warranty or subscription I suppose:

@support_team never answered. It's still happening.

We don't have an update for this issue yet, cross-referencing another thread:


I have a C-8 and this has happened twice to me now, most recently last night. Proving very difficult to even get the alert to clear. I shutdown, waited, restarted and even made a new backup. Alert is still present. Any idea how to get it to clear?

More importantly, how to prevent it from happening again. Wreaks havok with the system.

Bobby provided you the current state of the investigation in his reply just above your post - active investigation is going on, but for now, there is no fix.

In the short-term you can simply turn off cloud backups for now.

I read the current state of the investigation. There was only mention of the C-7. I am simply adding that I have seen in on my C-8.

Thanks for the feedback.


The alert clears with a successful backup. If the backup you created after reboot also failed, the alert will remain. If your backup was successful and the alert didn't clear, please send me a private message so we can further investigate, as that may be a separate problem.

The occasional backup failure happens on both C7 and C8 hubs.


Alert cleared after deleting failed cloud backup and successful new backup.

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Please update to latest version and see if the problem is resolved:

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After the update, the backup worked. We will see if that continues to be the same


At least 5 days in a row, no issue.



Hy @bobbyD , I upgraded from C8 to C8-Pro and after a failed attempt to create a cloud backup on my old C8 hub, I was able to back it up to cloud. Now, after being on C8-Pro, the message "Last cloud backup was unsuccessful. Failed steps: Z-Wave. Please power cycle your hub by shutting it down from Settings, then unplugging the power for 30 seconds." never dissapears since I'm not a subscriber of the cloud backup plan... So, how do I get rid of the message "Last cloud backup was unsuccessful. Failed steps: Z-Wave. Please power cycle your hub by shutting it down from Settings, then unplugging the power for 30 seconds."?

It goes away after last backup was successful. I'd run another backup if it didn't go away the first time. If it persists let me know.

That’s exactly my problem: since I don’t have the cloud backup feature and I’ve already migrated to C8-Pro, I cannot trigger a new cloud backup, that feature doesn’t exist for me.

@bobbyD @bcopeland @support-agent i just had the same problem today on the latest firmware.

I’m updated to the latest firmware version, any ideas ?