Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Lock


Well, good for me because i'm glad im not crazy.


nope, not crazy, I PM'd you, we can get these on line


I'm still having issues with my 910.

Will not add new codes nor delete. There are 3 text boxes... first box its the slot number and the other are ?


Code, Name and Position


Code position, integer
Pin code, numeric string
Name, string


I just purchased and am setting up 3 kwikset smartcode 910 but cannot get it to pair with any 3. I have the hub one inch away. The hub has been updated. I do not see anything to pair with. Need help!


Also reset lock per 910-programming-troubleshooting..


Run it through a couple of exclude attempts, then attempt to include it near the hub (for secure inclusion).


Are there any ZWave Plus devices near?

They maybe useful to utilize Beaming and therefore the hub close is defeating it.

I had this exact situation with both a Yale lock and a Linear Garage Door Opener. It failed every time up close. In exasperation, and hoping to catch some logs, I tried it when they were 30 ft apart with several ZWave devices near. One must have supported beaming because it worked. Quite frustrating to not know which to try. Close or far.


It took me a few times but I finally got it going:


Yeah I have one and it took a couple times to pair but it's stayed connected and works without issues.


This is the first device I ever setup. I have new batteries. I press the lock button for letter A and it lights up but the hubitat never finds anything. I went to the exclude zwave, ran the 30 second exclusion several times. Tried at another house with devices and no go. Going to exchange the hubitat as it doesn't seem to be finding the locks.


Before I return the hub do I need to remove it from account and if so how?


You're selling yourself short. I wouldn't return the hub based on your poor experience with a single device. I've had trouble with the Kwikset 910z myself. They're a cantankerous device, I believe they have an awful radio in them and they don't wake as locks are supposed to so they get missed in repair due to being asleep.


Mine pretty much always responds to lock/unlock commands. Status reports are a bit of an issue for me though. It's on the naughty list. Along with my battery powered z-wave thermostat.

All of my AC powered devices work great.
My Aeotec z-wave contact sensor is a good boy too.


Pairing my Schlage lock was the most frustrating device of all my devices to pair - both on SmartThings and on Hubitat. I would suggest you try to hang in there.


My Kwikset 914 was a PITA to pair, not only with HE though. Has always been this way. I had to move the HE within 2 feet to get it connected. It's spotty reporting status too. The lock/unlock commands work but sometimes it takes hours before the correct lock status is reported. Even tried adding a ZWave repeater within 2 feet of the lock, did not help. It's not your HE hub, I had this same issue with other hubs previously. As mentioned, I think the culprit is Kwikset -- I would not return HE because of this.


Step A: Return the Kwikset 910 lock
Step B: Buy a Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus lock
Step C: Easily Join the Yale YRD256 Z-Wave Plus lock to Hubitat
Step D: Enjoy Hubitat and the realization that you've just learned some devices are problematic on ANY hub and are not worth the effort.


I only picked up the Kwikset lock myself because I got it on sale for $40.


I am not sold on Yale’s either. If I have replace my zwave locks in the future I probably will go with August.