Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Lock


Any tips on how to get my kwikset 910 z-wave lock up and running properly? I was able to successfully pair it “generic z-wave lock” driver but can’t seem to control it or get any states at all. I’ve tried pairing and un-pairing a couple times same result.


Disregard, got it working. Thanks!


So what was the magic trick? I’ve got one of mine paired too but can’t seem to do anything with it.



Make sure the lock is VERY close the hub when pairing. I think that while it does pair from a distance it doesn’t complete properly. I just removed it from the door reset it and set it next to the hub (< 6") then it paired and started working without issue.


Make sure you see the secure inclusion message. @halfrican.ak is correct. Move he hub close to the lock to get it to include with secure inclusion.


Getting closer…I took the lock apart put it right next to the hub, it found it and set it up. Looks exactly like the Data in @cuboy29 picture. I was able to hit configure and it now shows the battery level and the lock codes. So then I went and reinstalled it on the door.

Now there one thing I can’t do, the MOST important thing…I can’t lock and unlock the device using the buttons in Hubitat. Also, if I go to the lock and enter in a code to unlock it, it doesn’t update the device or show anything in the log.

I have over 50 z-wave devices setup in Hubitat so far. So there are lots of working devices between the hub and the lock that should allow it to reach the hub if distance could be a problem. It’s only about 20 ft away in a straight line. It’s in the same spot with the same devices around it that was working with ST.

Probably going to take it apart again and delete and re-add once again. Just to see if anything changes.


I am stuck and looking for assistance. I have an old home connect kwikset lock (bought when they first came out to integrate to my alarm system but never did) trying to connect to my hubitat.
I have them within 5 feet of each other. I do to devices and discover in hubitat and then I reset the kwikset by pulling the battery, pressing program 3 times, reinstalling the battery and then waiting for the program led to turn off. Then I press the program button once. Nothing discovered. What am I doing wrong?


I know this is late to the party, but...

I've found the pairing process on these locks to be a total PITA.
I had to drag the hub over to within a couple feet of the lock, or disassemble the lock and take the unit to the hub. It's really difficult to get it to pick up.

I'd also suggest you might want to put the hub in exclusion mode and press the program button, just to be sure it's not hanging onto an old pairing.


They are working consistently since the last update.



Now how do you control the lock? I’d like to set it to auto lock at a certain time, but can’t figure out how.


These locks dont have an auto lock feature thats built in, however you can just build a rule to do what ever you want.
Lock it when you change modes, or at a certain time or after a contact sensor closes with a delay.
Way more options than you would have just using the locks auto lock feature...


Exactly what I'm doing with my August lock (non-pro with an August Connect). Prevents the bolt from ever being slammed into the door frame because no lock action from Hubitat will work if our door contact sensor is not engaged. The door needs to be almost fully closed for the contact sensor to register.

Hopefully we'll see integration in with August API and Hubitat someday so I can be better notified and take corrective action when there's a lock jam.


There is a dip switch on the lock that auto locks after 30 seconds of being unlocked.

Note: I turned it off on my 916 to save battery. I just use Rule Machine to do it after x minutes after the door closes to prevent actuating the lock and draining the battery too much when people are in/out frequently.

From the locks FAQ:

What is Auto Lock and how do I turn it on?

Auto Lock is a feature that will automatically lock the door 30 seconds after a valid unlock code is entered or the turn button or key is used. To turn this feature on, take the cover off of the interior portion of the lock. Towards the bottom right are 4 settings. Auto Lock is setting #2. Simply push the switch up to the “on” position. The lock will now automatically lock 30 seconds after the door is unlocked.


Right, I was referring to being able to programitacally control that function.


Ah. Gotcha. No I don't think that can be done. It is by dip switch only.


Sounds like I have to use Rule Machine? I'm interested in just having it auto lock at like 8 pm. Never used Rule Machine before, but time to dive in. ...


Doesn't get much easier than that!


This screen shot was very helpful! Like all of the other comments you have to have the hub really close to the lock for secure pairing. Not 10 feet, not 6 feet, but 3 or 4 feet at most. Hopefully I never have to go through that process again :slight_smile:


I tried pairing it 30 feet away and it paired but not secure pair. I moved it to about 15 feet and it was successful paired with secure. I guess it depends on your mesh and interference.


Scratch that. Now both 910s are exhibiting the same problem. Periodic loss of communication with the hub.
I've only had this problem previously with one of the two in the mesh. Now both of them have the same issue.