Is this an addiction?


WHAT THE XXXX!!!! :hushed:
You need 3 more.

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Nah. One hub for each day of the week. Makes sense to me! :crazy_face:


You've given me an idea now...
Who needs 'Modes' when you can have a hub? :slight_smile:


I can empathize as I've been buying way too many smart home devices this month....and have more in the shopping cart. For example: currently I have 14 motion sensors in a 850 sq ft home with only 5 rooms (if you count the bathroom) with another 23 motion sensors sitting here unused... yet. Those damned eBay deals!


What he really needs is HELP!!! :joy:


OK, this is great. I can show my wife this post now to show her it's a sickness and not my fault.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You might be able to save yourself by arguing that your hubs are cheaper than a pair of her shoes.


Might want to consider automating all things in the dog house before telling her that line.


Hello my name is NoWon
and I am an addict


Of course your an addict. I can tell because you have way more than me. Once I get to seven hubs (already starting a collection) you'll be just another regular user!


It's not a true addiction, until it spills over and ruins other parts of your life. Like you loose interest in eating or sex and only want to play with your hubitat.
Until then, your an "enthusiast" or if it's part of your worklife, then your a "workaholic"

My wife says I'm like a little kid with a toy, oh and "stop fu**ing with the lights"
She can't get used to 3 different light switch changes in a week


Then I must be an enthusiast and a workaholic!
Or is it an obsession?


Did you import all of those?

Or have some other method of getting them without getting stung with all the fees?

I've been meaning to get a second hub for a cold spare ....... at $80 in the US that's a no-brainer .... but over here the landed cost ends up being > £130 so it's a pretty steep outlay just for something that sits in the box in case of emergency.

I imported them all

If you think yours was expensive, my first C3 hub cost me just about £200!
It was before they were sold in the UK.
I had to get someone to buy it for me in the US then ship it to me via courier.
And, I couldn’t use z-wave for a few months as there was no UK usb stick :slight_smile:
(Or the ability to use any other type at the beginning)

What's the use case for multiple hubs? I don't get why you have so many?

Just trying to understand...

Two of them are developement hubs, which keep test code away from my ‘production’ hubs that run the house. (Cobra Lab & Smartport Lab)

I have separate hubs for zigbee and z-wave
I have a separate hub which has my heavy apps for speaking and sonos, echo plus, and the chromecast beta apps - these have been known to pull a hub down and this would affect other operations (Media)
I have a separate hub running ‘hubConnect’ which allows sharing of devices between all of the other hubs (Messenger)
The last production hub is to house all my custom apps etc and brings everything together (Controller)


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Or is it an obsession?

In your case it's definitely an addiction. If it was an obsession you would have all the IP addresses in sequential order. :smiley:


Sounded like all of you guys on this post are addicts. It's a good thing I am not like you crazy people :dizzy_face::zipper_mouth_face:


This one maybe hopeless, he's still in denial!
(old saying" he who dies with the most toys wins!")