Is there no longer email support?

When I bought Hubitat a year ago I was able to get email support. I posted on here since I cannot figure out how to control the load on a RA2 dimmer (I bought Hubitat because it says right on the box it supports Lutron RA2) How do you control the dimmer load on a RadioRA2 hybrid keypad?. I didn't get a response, so I emailed October 2nd and was given ticket number 18614. They responded saying they aren't sure and sent it to engineering. No one has responded since. I've tried to follow up, and get an automated email back saying if their support team needs more info they will email me back and that my email has been deleted and not received because they don't need more info from me. That's nice. Should I expect to just not get a response back?

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I don't think the support email system is able to receive responses to emails.

I didn't see your earlier post, and I am not familiar with RA2, but I will post a couple things in that other thread. At a minimum, maybe bumping it up will help get some eyes on it.

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Going to tag a few people who are well-versed on Lutron RA2.

Tagging @bravenel, @TechMedX, @bill.d

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We're sorry this fell in a crack. I'm the one who should have gotten that escalation, but that didn't happen. We have fixed that problem. Helping out now in the other topic.


Thanks for creating the topic; I was wondering about their email support, too. My C7's Z-Wave mesh seems broken since I installed my 2nd Inovelli switch last Thursday (Giving up on the C7). This morning support did respond with the "issue you reported has been referred to our engineering team", so someone is out there.

We are a little backed up with recent Z-Wave issues, but the new update is coming soon and will address some of the issues related to removal of failed inclusions (or exclusions) and Z-Wave network maintenance in general. Thank you for your patience and understanding.