Is there any battery management app?

Is there an app that can help with battery management? Something I would like (and not sure what is possible) is

  1. Add a battery last changed date to each device state that has a battery state. It would be up to the user to somehow update this when the battery is replaced. I don't really trust battery percent monitoring. I have like 10 devices that have been reporting 1% for months. I use device watchdog to know when they stop reporting.
  2. Maybe even have a way for the user to enter the battery type
  3. Show a list of all the battery powered devices, when they were last changed, and the type of battery it takes.
  4. The app could do some basic math to tell you how long the battery lasts on average.

This would mainly be for information for the user.

This app can add custom notes, it was basically made for the purpose you requested.

This app can display those data notes. I think it also has a way to update the notes so you may not even need the first one above


Thanks. I'll check this out. I'm using the Device Data app already actually. Mostly so I can easily see a list of all my device firmware versions in one place.

I just went to check it out, I was wrong, the data display app does not have any editing. The other one with editing I was thinking of is "Device Data Edit" which I cannot find the post for, not sure if it was pulled or what. Its still on Github: hubitat/devDataEdit.groovy at main · thebearmay/hubitat · GitHub

The Custom Note app is probably more what you want anyway, the data edit has a similar function but then a bunch more stuff you probably don't need.

Install a second instance of the Data Display app and set it up to display the battery info so you don't have to keep switching back and forth with your firmware display.

I'm going through an replacing several batteries so finally started messing with this.... The custom device note app makes the same note on every device selected. So I would need an instance of the app for every device, which is pretty unwieldy.

If you change a bunch of batteries all at once, you would select those and then you mass edit the date for those devices. I think that was one of the design intentions. But I see what you are asking for, and would probably work best in just a spreadsheet.

That would work until those batteries start to die... they aren't going to die at the same rate.

I have not done any coding in a loooong time. I'd maybe like to try my hand at making an app for this. Any suggestions on where to start?

I would start with the custom note app, its probably a good foundation.
Instead of having a single input box you would need to loop through every device and have an input box for each one. Not so sure how the saving it back to the device part would work.

You could also add a way to set the battery type (into another data field) right from there as well.

The display app will have examples of looping through the devices.

I just use the Device Name field in Devices to show me battery info. (Type, Qty, and last change date.) The filter capability in Devices helps sort and organize. ('[' gives me everything with a battery, and I can easily filter deeper if I need to.)


The only thing I don't get that is on your list is the days calculation.

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