Is local notification possible?

The other day, in the aftermath of a heavy wet snow storm, we lost cable internet for about 12 hours.

Hubitat's automations still worked great.

But, notifications via Pushover and SendMail (excellent app), didn't work because of lack of internet.
Is there any way to get a cell phone to beep, or whatever, or even on the web interface, without the hub being connected to the web?

Alternatively, I guess I could have a light go on or flash, or something, but it'd be hard to tell apart the different notifications...not that I have an excessive number.

Intriguing idea but something like that would require a different type of program I would think. I know the builtin and pushover notifications need internet but I know of nothing for HE that could send a notification over the local lan.

I'm sure there's something more elegant than what I'm about to propose, but if you are running Android, it's child's play for the Tasker app to detect when Internet connectivity has been lost, which in turn could trigger a task on your phone.

As for the "blinking light" suggestion, I actually do use such a rule for incoming phone calls (with hearing impaired family members, this is helpful), so if you're willing to designate one or more lights in your home for the purpose of conveying "failover situations", that could be another way to go.

Good question. Don't know but I want something very similar and may even be easier to add to the built-in Notifier App...

I want the ability to notify via bulb, dimmer and/or switch.

Sendmail will work if your mail server and mail domain your sending to is local. mine is and that's why i use ip instead of name as name resolution would be down.

Of course sms to phone gateway is not local.

But i have my network and router on ups and find my network and comcast stays up during an outage for awhile.

I could configure regular email that would work even if cloud was down but haven't yet needed that.

I.dont think the phone trigger method as my phone would switch to att network if i.lost local as that stays up a long an outage.

You can send notifications locally with Tasker and one of their plugins. I use Auto remote but I expect Auto notification may also work.


Thanks. I'll have to look into this.

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Two other usable methods come to mind:

  1. Sending a local event to EventGhost (freeware automation client) running on Windows, to fire off any manner of response, including an On-Screen Display message.

  2. Using @thebearmay 's recently developed Notification Tile Device that could receive the Notification directly and display it on a dashboard you have running on a tablet, phone, etc.


I use the Virtual Keypad app, which is capable of being a local notification endpoint whereby it can display notification messages on the input screen of the keypad.


One of my Pixelblaze project is a Mesage Board. The display is 8x64 Pixel LED matrix. The capability is Srolling Text or Periodic Static Message. It is WiFi but 100% local. There is a very nice HE driver for controlling this toy from HE. If there is any interest I can post a pictures and of course share this project.


Wouldn't a Sonos/Ikea speaker satisfy this assuming all the utilized scripts were already downloaded? Granted some occupants could get testy when, say, that Australian babe gets a little too chatty.

Also, for the light idea ...a multi-color bulb works pretty well for basic "categories".

While a selection of colors works if you can remember what all you assigned for what, I've found that two categories were most helpful....

Yellow - you probably need to look into one of the four things that you set to trigger this color.

Red - get your butt (and everyone else's) up cause any one of the three things set to triggered this color ain't good


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