Looking for way to push notifications to dashboard tile

I want to be able to use a virtual notifications device, so I can send it notifications from other apps, but instead of sending it somewhere the driver will just log it in an attribute to display on a dashboard. I am thinking it would keep as much history as possible.

It sounds like possibly an easy driver to make but I cannot imagine someone has not done this already? I search around and found a tip to use FollowMe, which I investigated but it was WAY too much and complicated for just this one purpose. I could not even figure out how to use it for what I wanted.

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Follow Me is what I have used in the past, but don't use it at the moment (only because I don't display notifications on a dashboard ATM). It may be worth reaching out to Bryan to ask him about what you are trying to do.

I currently do this with Hub Variables > Connectors > Tile or Tile Template Generator, linked to a Device Tile (former care) or an HTML Tile (latter case) in hubiVue. This setup is simple and works for most Notification types I'm interested in seeing on a Dashboard.

It further offers the advantage of "History" because HV value changes get recorded in Logs.

I would rather make my own driver than use that monstrosity of an app (FollowMe) for this single purpose. I am sure it works well for its intended purpose but has way more stuff in it than I want.

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Also, I see the option in the dashboards to hide the device history but how do you actually see it in the first place? Seems to be hidden as-is since I cannot even find it. If that was easy to get at I could just keep the newest in the attribute and view the history for older alerts.

@DubbyDad sorry none of that made sense to me, never have used Connectors, and tested but do not use hubiVue. I suppose I could look in the docs for the connectors part.

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I think the events are in the tile editing dialog. Sorry, not in front of my PC... If I'm right the drawback would be needing to keep the 3 dots displayed

Yes you have to edit then click history, that is unfortunate :frowning:

I tested out a bunch of other dashboard apps and was unimpressed by all of them especially considering some are not free long term. So I am back at using the built-in dashboards. For as much as people complain about them they are really easy to setup.

Trying to setup a dashboard for someone else, personally I just use the Apple Home app and love the UI on that.

Ok... so I have a driver that works, its like 99% of the way there.
How in the HECK can I get it to align to the top in the dashboard tile. I have tried all sorts of things but this style element in .title-primary seems to be overriding it.

Tried wrapping my stuff in a div tag, span, and in a table.


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What I use for this: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/thebearmay/hubitat/main/notifyTile.groovy

And the CSS:

#tile-63 {
          color:rgb(249, 255, 41);
#tile-63 .tile-primary {
#tile-63 .last5 {

Of course you already made a driver to do this :wink:

And I assume you are putting that CSS on the dashboard itself? I guess that is one workaround. I was trying to do it in the attribute. The left align works in the attribute but not the top.


Wrote it early on - itโ€™s been on my dashboard for so long that I forget that itโ€™s not a default :sunglasses:

Ok I see, you are just setting a span class and putting the CSS in the dashboard along with the overrides for the title-property. Gives me some more things to go on. May just use your driver I like the option to limit the number of notifications. The one I made I was just letting it go until it hit 1024 chars then chopping off the last message based on the <br>


Could also write the contents to a File Manager local file and use an iFrame tile to display it (particularly useful if you start running into the character limit.)


If you want to align it to the top of the tile, I did a little modification to your CSS

#tile-XX .tile-primary {

J & J, could you guys maybe show a screenshot of what it is you see (or wish to see) on your Dashboard, once done? I'd love to take an alternate stab at it using my workflow.

So ultimately I wanted to take the Activity Check driver and show the report on a tile. The only way to push the info from the app is to a Notifications device.

I had to convert new lines to <br> so it would not all mash together so I just used my simple driver for this task, with no history, it just shows the most recent report.

I used the example CSS above to make it look presentable. Here is what I got, came out pretty nice.


I may do something else that uses the history with more traditional one line notifications, so for that I will use the driver from @thebearmay he posted above.


Nice, and I now see where you're heading.

Makes me wonder whether @thebearmay couldn't modify one or the other of his Tile Template apps to "act as a Notification endpoint" so that it's directly selectable in the Device Activity destinations drop-down.

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