Is it possible to support zigbee remote controls for RGBW, like this one?

I just saw this on Amazon:

Are there drivers for anything similar? How difficult would it be to adapt or write a driver for it? If not crazy, I might try- I programmed for about 20 years, but that was in Delphi Pascal and ended about 15 years ago. I don't know groovy, but it's readable enough. But programming isn't about how to code something, it's about figuring out what to make the code do, and I suspect there's a lot more to that than I'd hope. Anyone have a clue how complex this would be?

Learning groovy won't be the issue here, learning Zigbee will...

I wouldn't even try to write a driver for a device of this complexity without having a functioning zigbee packet sniffer available.

Devices of this type get mapped into our button controller capability schema, from there apps can subscribe to the button actions (push, hold, released, doubleTapped ) to then perform actions.
Now the color wheel?, no idea on what that would look like.

Anyway, I ordered one as i'm intrigued, however that doesn't mean a driver for it will show up any time soon, but you never know...


I can order you the sniffer so maybe a driver comes earlier than never.

I already have dedicated sniffers, they are fired up whenever I do a ground up driver...

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Does anybody know if it will connect directly with the Hue hub? I would just like to use something like this as an easy way to set the color bulbs without having to pull up the Hue app.

I would assume this would work similar to the Lutron Connected Bulb remote, which was a secondary zigbee controller for simple dimming smartbulbs. So, it would connect directly to the bulbs, not to the hub. As far as working with Hubitat, I guess you'd have to get one and try. But if you do, the process to pair a bulb to the CBR and ST was always a PITA and I never got it to work with Hubitat. Does something in the Hubitat architecture prevent that @mike.maxwell? Or is it just a situation where you have to do it just right to get it to work? I ask, because I'd really like to try one of these as well.

I ordered one so well see what's what


Sweet! You-da-man @mike.maxwell! Thank you!!! :+1:

I am interested in this device as well.. any news on whether it's worth it for HE? They also have a simpler one..

Yeah, any update @mike.maxwell?

yeah, there's hope for it...

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Thanks @mike.maxwell!!!


I'm interested in the device erktrek posted too - in fact, I bought one to play with.

Any news, Mike? Should we expect the HE driver anytime soon or just add the device to the Hue bridge?

Drivers 90 percent done, don't know when I'll release it yet., sure stick it on your hue bridge...


Thanks. We'll keep waiting

Hey @mike.maxwell I know you are busy, any update?

2.1.0 will be all platform stuff from me, so it won't be in that release.

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Oooh. I like platform stuff. Like what? Want any suggestions? Lol

Lan discovery (SSDP and mDNS), lan fingerprint schema for drivers, automatic address updates, manager app auto install for hub devices, ignore these lan devices in the future, install these devices , all running in the background...