Cool Zigbee touch sensitive light switch/controller

Would this device (Zigbee 3.0) work out of the box with HE?
{ * LATEST ZIGBEE 3.0 – The latest ZigBee protocol which is the unified ZigBee HA (Home Automation) and ZigBee LL (Light Link) profile. Touch-Link enabled.}


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These same ones (Z-Wave and Zigbee) are available from the same vendor on eBay for $10 less...

I am a little worried about the screw terminals for AC passthrough on the back, nor do I see any ground or UL listing... Last I worry that the pairing button is on the back, so you are going to have to take it out of the electrical box each time it needs to be pressed (hopefully not more than the first time though).

It is interesting... But I wish it was a battery version that I could set out rather than built in, although it also acts as a repeater which is a plus. Which it turns out they have a remote (although not as much of a touch panel) available in the Zigbee version:

Also available on Amazon for $39:

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OK. You want battery operated. Also, see questions - HE works natively with this!

This also looks like it could be fun...

RGBgenie ZigBee 3.0 RGBW Remote and Dimmer, 4 zones with 3 Scenes, On/Off, Color and Brightness Control. Works with Philips Hue. ZB-5008

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Actually... was making an edit to mine even as you posted with a link to one! :slight_smile: Thanks! I knew of ones like that, but meant something more like the touch panel itself.

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@mike.maxwell was working on a driver at one point for these types of RGBW remotes.

Any update on these Mike? Thanks!!


This RGB Genie Remote doesn't work with HE.

It pairs, and the button presses are basically recognized, but there is no driver that works with it to turn those button presses into something you can use.

I have the button presses recorded and the addresses those produce, but I am not good enough with coding to write a driver to deal with them.

Too bad as it is a very nice feeling remote and I could see many people using them.

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The following is in regards to the Eria, the button, battery powered , Zigbee device, from Amazon:

These cost a bit less than the Hue Dimmer and can be used for a similar purpose if you're willing to TouchLink them. I prefer to use them with my Zigbee hub, Hubitat, for a variety of more powerful purposes. (Hubitat supports these devices natively; if you're using a different Zigbee HA hub like SmartThings, don't expect it to work unless they have a driver/device handler for it or if it's on their whitelist; it should work with Zigbee LL as described above).

Unlike the Hue Dimmer, these fit in a standard decorator plate, which besides the price is their main advantage (if you only want to use them on Hue, the app doesn't "see" them so you won't be able to, for example, cycle between scenes with multiple presses, unless there's a way to set that up that I don't know about, so the Hue Dimmer may be more functional if you value that). They are arguably a bit better-looking, too. Both only come in white, and both also come with their own mounting plate (for on-the-wall or anywhere installation), but again, the Eria can be mounted in any decorator plate (they even include wire nuts if you want to replace an existing switch with it).

My only issue is that it takes a second or two after holding the "up" or "down" buttons for it to send a "held" event (release any quicker and you'll just get a "pushed" event). Some of this could be specific to my hub, Hubitat, but I imagine it's only interpreting what the device itself sends. In any case this means that if you want to configure it to start dimming when the button is held and stop dimming when it's released (emulating what you'd expect), you'll have to hold it down for a while before it will even start. This can mostly be worked around by using "pushed" to just step the brightness up/down by a specific level, but I still wish the "held" delay was a bit less.

4.0 out of 5 stars Integrates well with the Hubitat system

May 8, 2019

Verified Purchase

I now have a total of three of these remotes controlling two dimmers. One is stand-alone. The other has one directly controlling and the second configured to do a virtual button push on the one directly controlling the dimmer. These work very well I am very happy to have discovered these.
Why only four stars? First off, the cover is hard to remove and even harder to put back on after putting the holder on the wall. I was sure something was going to break as hard as I had to hit it to get it to snap back in place. It did survive. It shouldn't be that hard to work with. Second is that it appears to only come in a stark white color. The switch plates in our house are all almond color so the cover stands out. An option to have different colors would be nice.
If you don't mind the white color only, then this is a good remote to get to operate a dimmer. The cost is reasonable and it functions properly.

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Hi everyone.

I am the Co-founder of RGBgenie and have just recently myself purchased a Hubitat for my personal use. Ironically their headquarters are less than 5 miles from my home.

We would very much like to work with the community in getting drivers written for the Hubitat platform. If anyone is interested, please reach out through any contact form on our website. I will personally get it. We are happy to provide product to developers and hope to build a great repository the community can use.

Thank you


@neonturbo: Well, I will be working on trying to get something working as I already ordered one. :slight_smile:
@Gnant: See, this is the type of thing that makes me interested in a company, when they actually are watching for things about their products and show at least some interest in what people are doing with them. Hope to see more from you folks.



That would be great if you can get a driver for the button controller as well as some of your other devices for Hubitat. I have purchased a few things from you guys, and the button controller is the only one that doesn't work so far.

Did you also reach out to Mike, Patrick, or any of the other developers here?


@neonturbo No we haven't reached out yet. But we will today! Thank you for the suggestion.

Very excited to see how this cooperation develops. If these wall mounted switches work well I can see me using these in both my properties. They just look so cool. And the remotes too.


Just looked on your website and your remotes and controllers look great. Is there a UK reseller ? Presumably the zigbee devices would work in the UK?

Hi Daniel. Zigbee is an open global standard that typically uses the 2.4 Ghz radio band for home use. Please reach out through any contact form on our site. It wouldn't be appropriate for me discuss products in the forum and I want to respect the rules to keep content information based. After all, I'm a user too. :slight_smile:


I still owe you a reply to the email you sent a bit ago...
Will get that out in the morning.


Thank you for reaching out @mike.maxwell. We are very excited to be working with you.


Turns out there is another thread more specifically about the RGBgenie Remote here:

So I am going to revive that one now that my remote has arrived.

Any progress in getting the RGBgenie ZB-1003 remote working in HE? Not a bad price at $29.