RGBgenie Driver

I noticed the RGBgenie ZB-512x driver in the list. I have searched all over for anything with that number and find nothing.
Where can we find this device? I was exicited because I thought it might be for the ZB-5001.

You might want to give it a try. I think the new driver is mainly meant for the models of remote that are very similar to the ZB-5001 you listed. There is more related information over in this thread about the RGBW remotes.

Thanks, I see that the thread you referred to shows a post for a ZB-5004, which looks identical to the one I saw with a part number of ZB-5001. So wonder why the 2 different numbers? Add ZB-5003 to the identical list.

It's this one

The part number I used was the one on the box, but in any event this is the device.

@mike.maxwell Will the ZB-5004 work with this driver?

No go on the 5004 right now, we had some issues getting that device configured, we're working with the manufacturer to get the firmware updated.
It's a very nice controller, the pictures don't do it justice.

@mike.maxwell Here is what I have found as to the difference in the part numbers.
ZB-5001 (5 zone on/off and dimmer)
ZB-5003 (3 zone 4 scene)
ZB-5004 (4 zone 2 scene)

So what about the ZB-5001?

I only have the 4 zone model, but I suspect all of them in that series have the same issue.
It will get sorted out, I just don't know when.
It doesn't stay awake long enough after pairing to run the required config commands.

I have the ZB-5001 coming. I will let you know what it does. Thanks

Hi Everyone:

The ZB-512x driver is only for the ZB-5121 Decora sized remote which is a monochrome dimming remote with a built in scene button. We also have a Decora sized remote which will control color and white temperature. That model number is ZB-5122. However the color unit is not part of the recent update.

We are having to make some firmware changes to the black hand held remotes (ZB-5001, ZB-5003 and ZB-5004) as they are set up for touch-link (Zigbee ZLL) which has created some issues during the discovery process. This is a bug on our end and we are getting it sorted out.

@razorwing: When we get the new firmware, we are happy to exchange the remote for you. In the meantime, if you have a Philips Hue bridge, the ZB-5001 will work great with that and can control your Hue lighting directly.

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to answer them. And sorry for the delay in jumping into this thread.

Sean Co-Founder RGBgenie


@Gnant, thanks I appreciate that. I read where they were ZLL and I wondered. Let me know when you have this resolved and I will send it to you for an exchange. I am not currently using the Hue Bridge.

They are dual mode, they switch from ZLL command broadcasts to unicast commands to the hub when they receive specific configuration commands from the driver.
Not all ZLL controller type devices do this, exceptions of note being the Lutron connected bulb remote as well as the Ikea steering wheel controller, neither of these devices are usable on Hubitat for this reason.
AFAIK there's nothing in the zigbee spec that mandates one behavior or the other...

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@mike.maxwell Ok, thanks Mike. Is Hubitat going to allow ZLL or is Gnant going to have to change the remote to work with ZHA?

Can't answer for Mike, but the black hand held remotes are Zigbee 3.0 which is the unification of the ZLL and ZHA profiles. So they are dual mode and set up for both protocols already. The issue Mike uncovered is we do not keep the black hand held remotes awake long enough after discovery to program all the endpoints. So we are fixing that.

I have ZB-5008 model(Color RGB). Does it work with the just released driver? If not , then should it be exchanged also when firmware update is done?

@aryvin The ZB-5008 color Zigbee remote will work as is. The driver is about 90% done (see above), but there is no timeline for release. Mike has been actively working on it and we have been beta testing the driver.

Just FYI, the 5121 Driver works great. I have been waiting for this to happen so I can use it with my RGBW controller. It was one of the few devices I owned that didn't work with either Wink, or with Hubitat.

Thanks to everyone for getting this added so quick.

What's the button layout for the 5121? I asumme it's:

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yes, that's it, standard left to right, then next row down ect...

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Is that a custom engraved device with the numbers? My better half would like numbers.