Is Baseball (MLB) here yet!?

Please. I'm in Australia, and actually have a tmobile sim...and used this last year...last year was via website (no app). This year, they have locked the rego process down with geo location/access to the Tmobile Tuesday's app.

Apparantly, its possible via apple, but not andoid (according to my fellow aussie mlb followers). Go Brewers.

Sure, remind me tomorrow am

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How is the app coming along?

You tell me. :man_shrugging: It's been out for a week :grin:

Damn vacations..I missed the release. Thanks!

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Bah, humbug to all this :japanese_goblin:
English Premier League please! :japanese_ogre: :soccer:

Edit: oh and F1 too please! :relaxed: :racing_car:

Another edit: and UFC! :star_struck: :boxing_glove:

Soccer? Never heard of her

Ahem. I think you will find it is called "football". That is, proper football. You know, by the people who invented the game :wink:

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