Is Baseball (MLB) here yet!?

Been working hard on a MLB Game Day Live app/driver. Can't wait to try it out! Tick, tick, tick...

Hopefully this works as good as it looks!

Dashboard Tile:

(p.s. - New NHL app almost done too :wink:)


Are you thinking of NFL?

If you can find a 'free' live API. MLB and NHL use the same type of API to support live game updates. The others don't.

See this post...

Very interested in this. I wonder if this scenario is possible for an if this then that.

If a selected team wins, say, oh I dunno, the Angels, then it can trigger something. I have no idea how the app works or the slightest idea how to program, so I don't know if this is even possible.

Yes, you can :grin:. Can also do something every time someone scores.

Oh you just pissed off my wife, but made me so happy! LOL


This is the only thing I ever found to pull NFL data. I set it up in Webcore a few years ago but nothing recently to know if it still works.

Getting close... hope this thing works! :wink:

At least I can see the schedules now!


FINALLY got a pre-season game to test with!

It works :upside_down_face: :grin: :upside_down_face: :grin: :upside_down_face: :grin: !

I should have the new app out tomorrow!


Free mlb league pass to a reputable member that wants it

I'll take you up on that - if it is still available (and legal).

Yes, it is

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It’s from T-Mobile,u have to make an account then pm me the username and password

Ah - I see. Someone else should use it. I'm happy with my phone service.

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Not exactly, according to the fine print at least...

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No no. U don’t Switch I HAVE T-Mobile, I’m giving you my code

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Oh I just saw that, I guess you’re right


Yeah it’s nice to take advantage of these offers from the wireless carriers when possible.

Ever since I switched to an unlimited plan on Verizon, I have a free year of Disney+, and Apple Music for as long as I keep the current “unlimited” tier.

But generally they tie these offers to the account that has the wireless plan (and prohibit sharing of credentials under the terms of the offer).

I was able to get a code now, no need to even sign in. If anyone want it lmk, I hate mlb

Can't wait!