Simplest way to use a touchdown/scoring drive as a trigger?

So the regular season has started. First Saints game is tomorrow. I have my lighting effects ready for each Saints scoring drive, and a suitable 40 second mp3 ready to blast on the Sonos.

All I'm missing is a rule machine trigger to run this automation.

Can someone PLEASE help me with a trigger for each scoring drive? Doesn't look like IFTTT has an ESPN integration any more.

Thank you!

The only thing I could think of is an Android App tied to Tasker on your phone. That is the only thing that I can think of that might be real time enough. But it still will probably be quite a few seconds behind the actual touchdown. The only way to get it synced really closely will be to do it manually with a button controller or something.

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Yeah, that's what I did with Stringify last year. Might have to end up doing the same this year - was hoping to have something sleeker in place.

There was an app on ST that started as a NHL goal notifier. The author was adding other sports when I jumped ship to HE. It may be worth looking at.

Yup. Link would be awesome!

I ported the app over yesterday hoping to be able to change it up for NFL too but I can't find a NFL api like the NHL api he is using. Looks like this will be awesome for Hockey though.

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Been doing some more digging on reddit. Seems just about all services were using the ESPN Api but they shut it down. So even IFTTT can't do it anymore. Not looking good for NFL touchdown triggers. :unamused:


You know. It's very clear to me, that while I'm a HA automation Neophyte, sometimes the real HA afficionados are in a different league altogether. When I first read this post, I thought it was Tongue in Cheek.

Then I read the serious replies from @Ryan780, @aaron, @bptworld & @michael.l.nelson and I knew I was totally wrong.

You guys are next level for sure. I'm going to go back to my little corner and contemplate my RM 4.0 rules for lighting automation....



As a fellow Saints fan, look on the bright side. If they keep playing like this, you might not need the automation! =P

I had this working through espns Ifttt integration, 15 minutes after the fact you would get the notification...

It's gotten better in the third.

Yikes. That's slow. Even by IFTTT standards.

It has. I wish they would stop this habit of falling behind and then playing catch-up. It's dramatic and exciting, but the clock doesn't always last long enough to get the job done.

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Okay - after this game, I don't need automated lights and music. I need an automated defibrillator.


Did you post the ported NHL app somewhere? I'm a huge hockey fan and would love to regain this one.

Not yet, need to do some testing

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Where there is a will there is a way. Lol!

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I found a couple of data sources that might be of interest for NFL data. This first one is this one:
Which gives you the scores per game per quarter

and this site gives live data also and you can choose by date and has many more details

Then there is also this one here which is in XML

Now, I have no idea how the data looks like while there are active games but we should be able to see that during next weeks games.

IF the NFL updates these data feeds quickly, an App could be made that queries the data "regularly", filters for your team and performs an action when the score changes.

Food for thought and food for a hungry NFL fan developer...

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