Simplest way to use a touchdown/scoring drive as a trigger?



Here is a very "SIMPLE" app that pulls the data from the NFL website and filters out a team that you can configure. Right now, it only sends a notification to a pushover or other notification device. I want to test next weekend how quickly the scores change on the NFL website. It also has a known limitation that late night games that go past midnight on the east coast will potentially miss scores. I will look into cleaning it up if it is worth it.

Again, very rough ALPHA proof of concept stage, so don't blast me if you phone get's bombed with notifications :slight_smile:


I'll gladly provide feed back as well as comparisons to previous platform performance.:+1:


@dan.t this is pretty cool! I will contribute too. :slight_smile:

I have RGB lighting behind the TV. What would be cool is if your team scores he lights would change to the teams colors with maybe a lighting flash. Will look at code and see how I can incorporate ideas. :slight_smile:


Anything you have to poll won't work for @aaiyar's use-case though. There's going to be a noticeable delay between the TD and the lights/sound show. Unless you have something real-time, it's not going to work.


That's true. Right now, hitting a button seems to work - but that's too much work :slight_smile:



Here is another "free" live feed. Might work better and it supports all "American" sports.


Oh for sure. The delay on the NHL app was from 5-15 seconds. Since I stream the game, cable cuter and broadcast HD is awful in my area, I would delay my game by 10 seconds at the puck drop and adjust as needed. The app is excellent, because it doesn't care if you're watching or not. A goal gets scored and your lights start blinking and it blasts your teams celebration sounds. Surprisingly my wife found that to be cute.


You are correct, it won’t be real time and might not fulfill @aaiyar use case. I don’t think that there is any service out there, paid or free, that could achieve that. That is really why I made this a proof of concept expecting fully that it shows what the delay is. Once we know that, we can make a determination if there is a different use case that would still make it usable.


@aaron, thanks, I take a look at that feed. The app really doesn’t do much right now, just polling the data. I want to see what the delay really is.


Ok, here is some feedback. Did some testing today... I changed the App to have a more frequent refresh during a game went down to a 3 second refresh without any noticeable hub performance issues.

The app was able to retrieve a scoring drive about 10-15 seconds after the score happened on TV. Definitely won’t work for celebrating touchdown drives with lights and sounds. It is too noticeable of a delay.

However, there might be some use cases:
E.g. the app can identify when the team is in the red zone and could activate a switch for that. This way we could control some lights in that case.

I am also contemplating to add a driver to the app to be able to set some custom attributes and show those on a dashboard....

I’ll work on it if there is any interest to it. If not, no harm no foul


When you're watching two games, that could act as a trigger to switch to the right channel - for example. I can see this as being very useful.


It’s like the HE RedZone channel.....


To be clear, I wasn't being facetious. A little while back I was switching back & forth between the Bills and the Packers.

Edit - so this would definitely be useful.


I didn’t take it the wrong way


Ok, I just uploaded a new "alpha" version here:

It allows you to:

  • turn switch on/off if your selected team is in the redzone
  • send scoring drive notifications to a notification device
  • push a button on a scoring drive

There are three timers to configure:

  1. Refresh time during Game - this is the time the app checks the NFL website data for new scoring information - I used 3 seconds today with no bad side effects
  2. Refresh time on Game Day - this is how often the app checks if the game is active only on game days
  3. Refresh time every other day - this is how often the app checks if there is any new information in the NFL data when it is not a game day.

If anyone is interested, give it a shot. Still in early alpha though and would be happy to get any and all feedback.