Iris V1 Contact Sensor Reconnect


Had a handful of Iris V1 Contact sensors that stopped communicating. When resetting and re-discovering, the devices are found, but are just as non-operational as they were when they stopped communicating. Deleting the original device and discovering gets the units communicating again.

From looking at the logs, the failed re-connections appears as so:
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 08:38:59.025 pm Iris Discovery Stopped
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 08:38:58.876 pm Found Previously Joined Zigbee Device IrisV1Contact
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 08:38:22.813 pm Created Zigbee Device Iris V1 Contact Sensor
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 08:38:13.338 pm Initializing Zigbee Device 000D6F0003B29F2D, 33CC
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 08:37:59.019 pm Iris Discovery Running

With the successful pairing appearing as so:
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 09:01:27.232 pm Iris Discovery Stopped
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 09:00:49.021 pm Created Zigbee Device Iris V1 Contact Sensor
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 09:00:44.949 pm Initializing Zigbee Device 000D6F0003B29F2D, F0D3
[sys:1] 2020-02-06 09:00:27.230 pm Iris Discovery Running

Is there a difference in device initialization/configuration when first connecting a V1 contact sensor versus when a previously joined device is discovered? Really more of a curiosity than anything else.

No difference, sounds like you need some routers, or have some bad ones on line.

Interesting, actually more intrigued as to why the difference. Both start with a factory reset, the reconnect appears successful, just with no communication from the device. So as to save on rule updates, I end up munging the zigbee id of the original device so it isn't recognized as previously paired, reconnect as new, then swap id/dni between the two devices, finally removing the "new" device. Just cannot figure out why adding as new works, would assume both or none. Think I'm good on routers, of my 51 Zigbee devices, only these 5 have had any issues. Think I probably have 5 repeaters within 15 feet of them.

Thank you, appreciate the response, will just chock it up to V1.

I confirm this issue with V1 sensors. They drop off occasionally and will never ever re-connect through pairing when the device already exists in the system - HE shows it has detected a previous device, but the paring never completes - led on the sensor will keep flashing until the battery dies.

Only way to get them working again is to delete them in HE and then the pairing works as expected.

Big issue with this is when a sensor is used in rules/etc - they need to be re-done.

My mesh is fine, I don't believe this is a repeater issue. @mike.maxwell I think we have a bug.

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Possibly, however long term one should consider a replacement stradegy for these devices.

I didn't witness any of them dropping off in development, so this isn't a very common issue.

Without being able to replicate this with a packet sniffer on line it will be impossible to diagnose and repair.

Being an Iris refugee I have a bunch of these in use and I'm not seeing any issues

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I had 5 of these in essentially a Faraday cage (old alarm system box), that I had soldered leads to for monitoring some old contact sensors. Had two instances where all 5 dropped out within an hour or two. They didn't appear to go all at once. They'd work great for weeks, then nothing. Resetting would trigger the found previously installed device, but they wouldn't work. Only adding them as new after a reset would get them functioning. Ended up just modding a few V2 sensors to accomplish the same task. The V2's didn't care for the cage either, but they just chewed through batteries until I relocated them outside of the box.

From a device perspective, once factory reset performed, the join/rejoin should be a moot point. But only the join as new would return the device to a functional state. I've got a few V1 buttons that had exhibited the same behavior, but seem to be fine at this point.

Do you have new or fairly new batteries in these devices? I have a ton of the V1 devices. Not all of them are currently paired but the ones that I do have paired have been working fine. I keep all my battery levels above 45% on all devices, not just Iris v1 stuff.

I have about 40 iris v1 contact sensors, mostly on inner doors and bedroom windows, the plan was to use them in a variety of rules relating to occupancy etc.

However after an update some months ago that plan fell through, as they all began to drop off, or ceased reporting, not all together, but a few at a time over several days.

As previously reported, they show up as previously being connected, but fail to report until you remove and reset them.

Now I run 11 contact sensors, 9 iris v2 and 2 samsung and use motion sensors to monitor room occupancy/activity.

Forgot to add most of them report battery levels over 60%

I have 2 of the V1 contacts and they never have failed.

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Ok, on a whim I decided to try simulating the issue. Ended up being much easier than expected for my setup.

Step 1: Add new V1 Contact Sensor - Verify operation
Step 2: Factory Reset V1 Contact Sensor
Step 3: Re-discover V1 Contact Sensor - Found as Previously Joined Device - Sensor continues pairing mode and then eventually gives up

If I delete the item added in Step 1, the sensor can then be added and will operate properly.

Edit: @Otto_Mation, @Vettester, @scunny - Gents, any chance one of you have an extra V1 contact sensor you could test this with? Possible its hub-specific? For me, once a paired V1 contact is reset and requires to be re-paired, it will not function unless paired as new. I will have to try one of the V1 motion sensors I have around to see if it is limited to the contact sensor.

I think you left a few zeros off your total count. :smiley:

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I was able to test this with a V1 motion sensor, with the same results.

Pair, verify, factory reset device, re-pair. The hub will find as a previously joined device, but the sensor never completes pairing.

@mike.maxwell: Looks like both the V1 contact and motion sensors exhibit this behavior. If, for some reason, the sensor needs to be re-paired with the hub, the pairing never completes on the device end. Performing a factory reset on a paired device simulates this problem in my environment.

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There you go @mike.maxwell you should be able to sniff away to your hearts content using that little procedure !!!!!

Is this still an issue? I am about to purchase a bunch of the V1 sensors and dont want to if this is a issue

IMO - not a good idea.

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I’ve only had this happen once to a contact sensor and it seemed to be related to letting the battery level drop below 15%.

Don't do it, please! Just buy some v2/v3 sensors and save yourself the headaches down the road.

Here are 10 Iris v2 contact sensors for $50, shipped. You'll need some magnets, but those are easily found, and inexpensive.

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I agree with @ogiewon. If you already have a houseful of v1 sensors, you have nothing to lose by trying them out.

But if you’re purchasing sensors, then get something that is standard zha1.2 (or zigbee 3.0). The goal of having a smart home is to use it - not to babysit it.

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@aaiyar I totally agree on the goal will look else where

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