Introducing the weather and clock tiles for the Easy Dashboard

We are happy to announce the addition of two new tiles to the Easy Dashboard's growing portfolio.

The first is the simple clock tile that can now be added along with the HSM and Mode tiles from the main Settings page:


The second tile is the weather tile using the OpenWeatherMap driver.


A. If you have the OpenWeatherMap driver installed and set up, then you can add the Weather tile by searching for the weather device name, or by looking for the WeatherSensors in the list:

B. If you don't have the OpenWeatherMap driver, then first obtain an API Key from the OpenWeather, then install and configure the OpenWeatherMap driver by following these steps:

  1. connect to hub
  2. select Devices from the left menu
  3. press Add Device in the right corner
  4. press Virtual
  5. search for OpenWeatherMap
  6. Name your device (E.G. Weather)
  7. Click Create
  8. Add OpenWeather API key in the Preferences
  9. Save Preferences
  10. Press Refresh to update the device.
  11. go to your dashboard and proceed with adding the tile as described in step A.

I've been using a (now abandoned) OWM driver that had an Environment Canada aspect to it.
I've been working on updating the abandoned driver for my own use, but with the built-in driver I can likely gut the OWM code and just use the EC part of it.

Anyway, as an existing OWM user I recently received some emails from them about them moving from API v2.5 to 3.0 and shutting down the 2.5 API next month.

Is this driver using the 2.5 API or 3.0?
I noticed that it pulled the name of my city, which I haven't managed to do with my modified version of the old driver I'm tweaking.

@bobbyD Is this only for the US as I'm seeing errors here in UK.

dev:2452024-05-24 11:16:39.968 PMwarnOpenWeatherMap - getWeather() execption status code: 401, reason phrase: Unauthorized

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Ok got it. doesn't like our Post codes, and although the Prefs state Optional, Adding Longitude and Latitude has fixed it :+1: So not optional :smiley:


Does this support the Weather Underground driver?

Just updated to the most recent version. Am I missing a configuration step?

I do not see the same layout as you present below.

For Tile Type I do not have "Weather".

I am using Open Weather API 3.0.

Change the tile type and be sure to use the built in OpenWeatherMap driver. The community driver for OpenWeatheMap does not work for this.

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Thanks that was the issue.

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