Intermittent Scenes

I have been using Hubitat for about a year to control lightning. I have about 15 Leviton Zwave switches. The switches are all within about 25 feet of the hub. I primarily use it for a relax scene for the evening and a goodnight scene for bed. I have dashboards on my phone and a tablet and also use a button wall switch. The problem is that it almost never activates every device in the scene. I typically have to execute the scene several times before everything works. I can go into the app and manually adjust a stubborn device, so the hub can see it - it just won’t control it from the scene. I regularly update my hub. It’s so frustrating, I’m about to toss this and go a different direction. Any help is much appreciated.

Those symptoms are indicative of a Z-Wave mesh issue. Post a screen shot of your Z-Wave details, including the button icons at the top of the screen.

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I had a similar issue with my 12 Zigbee IKEA shades/blinds. The original rule had them all close or open at the same time. Some shades would respond some times, and other shades would respond other times. Usually running the rule again got every shade right.

This isn’t my idea but was gleaned from those smarter than I on these forums.

Put a delay in between commands. I use 5 seconds but 2 or 3 should work.


bill.d - where in the app do I view the "z-wave details"? Thanks

Tom.guelker - thanks for the idea - I'll give it a try!

Settings and then Z-Wave details.

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Yeah I wasn't sure if metering was a thing in ZWave, but that would achieve the same thing.

I was able to screen capture my zwave details, but this forum will not let me upload images. Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for in the details that would indicate a problem. Thanks!

Join the owners group and you'll be able to post the screenshots.

Thanks for the info - I joined and was able to upload my images.

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Hi Bill - I was able to get my details posted. Let me know if you see anything that could indicate a problem. Thanks

Yes, you have some mesh issues. The items with 'Discover' need to be removed. This is a possible cause of your performance problems.

Check out the following thread. You may or may not need a Z-Wave stick to get rid of them:

The other dimmer with no route information may have an issue too.

Do you know the firmware version? Those dimmers had an update a few years ago.

Also you may want to use the following driver for the dimmers:


Thanks!! I was able to remove the two items that listed "Discover" and also the empty route item. I will provide an update of how this affects my system.


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