Intermittent issue with motion light app - switch not turn on

Hi all,

I am experiencing intermittent issues with the motion lighting apps, where the switch is not ON even though motion is detected.


  1. Name: Motion Sensor - Powder Room
    Brand and model: Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor
    Device ID: 100
    Device Type: Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor

  2. Name: Switch - Powder Room
    Brand and model: Aeotec dsc24-zwau
    Device ID: 173
    Device Type: Aeon Outlet


  1. Name: Powder room
    App Type: Motion Lighting
    App ID : 117

The requirements are simple:

  • If a motion is detected by device #1, switch ON device #2
  • Wait for 1 minute, if no further motion is detected, switch OFF device #2
  • otherwise, keep device #2 ON

When it works as expected, the following is the log (notice there is confirmation "Switch - Powder Room turned on" in the log):

And the following when it is not working (motion is detected but the switch is not turning on):

What do you think could be the problem here?


Looks like you are having a issue with the device not updating its status which would sit right with it being z-wave and not z-wave +. You may need to poll that device or better yet get a better device as z-wave outputs are just plain rubbish and will limit you in the future.

The other issues is your warn UDP messages? Where are they coming from?

Thanks for your reply!

How do you poll the device? by creating a separate rule machine to manually poll the data every x seconds? The current device configurations:

Hm, didn't know there is such z-wave+ product; would Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6 is classified as one of them?

Also, the UDP error is caused by LIFX light strip (LIFX Multizone custom driver); haven't got time to debug it as yet...

I ran rule machine every 10 seconds to poll the switch, unfortunately, it's getting worse, the switch is not ON at all when I make a movement :frowning:

Yes that's gen 5 there is now gen 7 ones aswell.

I would sort that out as it may be bogging down your hub and causing issues.


UDP socket timesouts can be an indication of poor wifi connectivity to the wifi device. Are you using some community integration to control a WiFi bulb locally? Is your hub connected over WiFi?

Good idea, thanks

Yes, I use Lifx custom driver. I might ask people in that thread about this issue.
No, the hubitat is connected using lan cable to the wireless router, and the lifx is connected using wifi

I checked the other thread and it seems this UDP error is a common error experienced by others too; thus this would not be affecting the issue that I'm currently experiencing.

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