Integration of frient, complete device catalogue into Hubitat

Then write your rule so that all 995 keypads must be entered albiet by everyother keypad to repeat in order to unlock the garage

should be, though at the moment I don't have a tag to test it with

If you have a chipped cat, just hold the cat up to the keypad :rofl:

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The cat isn't chipped, but our 80Lb newfypoo is...
I'm sure that'll work out well...

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dog staring GIF

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If you need PM me an address. I'll drop ship you some tags.

I actually found one that shipped with a door lock sample.


I ordered one of the keypads. Wont be here until maybe Nov 7th. Happy to beta test for you after I have one in my hands.

Does that mean I'm now getting 999? Madness - our front wall isn't that big!

No. I ordered 2000. I'm going to send you door to door like a Girl Scout selling thin mints.


Easy peasy - no need for door to dooring, I just need to flog one to everyone that's already shown an interest in this thread. That'll shift a good 9...10,, maybe even a dozen. Then bring in our back wall as well as the front one, and job done. :+1: :trophy:

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What driver are you using for the Electricity Meter Interface 2?
Can you post a screenshot of what is reported. I'm wondering if this could replace my aeotec energy monitor v5.

You should look at iotawatt. Far better than either. I got rid of my hem 5 because of it

You know you can put down the keyboard once in a while... :slight_smile:

The Frient measures what the power company sees. (it can measure anything with a pulse) That's far better than iotawat if that's what you want. If you don't care about that there are other products.

But I won't and have no desire to.... :slight_smile:

I'm not sure that matters all that much. I measure both legs and it seems fairly accurate, at least for my needs. And it may be a good solution for darren who I was replying to in the first place. It's also good for using on other circuits for triggers and graphing. But again I was replying originally to someone else.

Fixed that for you.

Again, it really doesn't matter as I wasn't responding to you in the first place... shrug

The person you responded to was asking me about the driver. You inserted your comment to offer your opinion on a solution other than what the person was asking about. This is a discussion forum so you are free to discuss, but its a little overbearing to jump into a thread about Frient product support to derail the discussion for your preferred product. One thing that you could do to help is perhaps preface some of your statements in the many many posts with "My opinion..." . A person can start to feel like its implicit when they post as much as you do, but for others it can probably help if you just try to remember once in a while other people aren't here as much as you or post across as many topics as you do. Its a good hobby and every busy forum has a member or two that like to be the hen of the hen house. I respect you are one of the hens, but lets ensure we have room for discussion. Bringing up iotawat as an option is fine and you have done it with me also...

We are discussing and if you want to be overbearing and boorish that is your choice. Constantly insulting people isn't a good way to be here. I will chime in and write what I feel, again my answer was not directed towards you. If you don't like it, please, feel free to throw me on ignore...

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I’m not so sure that’s desirable, especially if one needs an independent measure of kWh use. Here’s my personal experience with this.

In my last house (in a townhouse community), my kWh use was about 20-25% higher than my immediate neighbors. I was reasonably certain that the utility’s meter was off. I called them multiple times to have the meter checked/calibrated - to no avail. I ended up using a Sense meter to measure power use. After a couple months of that, I had the data I needed to get my meter switched out.

A device measuring pulses at the utility’s meter would have been wholly inadequate for my needs.

I had the Sense installed in that house from 8/2016 to 8/2023. During that time, consumption measured by the Sense was within 0.5-1% of that reported by the utility.

The Sense also identified major loads within the house (A/C, heat, water heater, dishwasher, range, oven, microwave), and multiple minor loads (GDO, washer, 2 fridges, garbage disposal, and several other little things). Changes in current consumption pattern alerted me to when the kitchen fridge was failing, when the garbage disposal failed, and when the GDO capacitor was failing.

Early warning was invaluable in getting these appliances fixed.

Again, these are features offered by devices that independently measure current use - like a Sense or an iotawatt; features that are impossible to achieve by counting pulses on the utility meter.

From my perspective, this statement comes across as somewhat uninformed.

To be honest I had no desire to wade into this thread. But I’m posting my experience so that others who seek to measure whole home power consumption are better informed on the pros and cons of devices that rely on the accuracy of the utility’s meter (such as the Frient device), and those that provide an independent measure of power consumption.

Also wanted to add that any perception that measurement by such CT-dependent devices is inaccurate is wrong - at least for the current generation of such devices including the iotawatt and the Sense.