Integration of frient, complete device catalogue into Hubitat

Can we get back to a discussion of devices?

If users have (off topic) feedback for one another, or want to call each other names,* spare the rest of us and stick with a separate PM please.

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It's possible you have misunderstood my need and didn't see my other posts linked above about wanting specifically a pulse monitor because I wanted to monitor pulse. You can measure water meter or gas meter pulse as well.

Well, since this is a thread about Frient products and this is a Frient pulse monitor it's implicit we are talking about the support of a Frient pulse product rather than trying to steer people away from a product that Frient is kindly sending to Hubitat and offering across the globe.

I set out wanting specifically a pulse monitor because that is my use case. My use case is not measuring usage of circuits. It's exactly measuring what the Power company is using for billing and in a more granular format than what they expose to the customers.

So, thank you Frient for your support of the products and offering Develco products to the globe.

I received my device. If and when you have some driver support working I'm here for beta testing if you need some help.

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@AABfrient , I have one question about the AirQualityIndex variable. Sometimes this number goes very high, I saw even 18. Isn't this be between 1-5 ? How to translate this number to TVOC ppb or TVOC ug/m3 ?
using hubitat c7 , firmware thanks!