Instruction on adding Weather Devices

What weather service or devices are you intending to use?

I would like to use a weather service that is available for my area SE Michigan

I can't claim to know what service would best suit your location, but I believe a popular one that you may want to look at would be Weather Underground:

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After going through several thread about this, then going to the weather underground site, it appear I need a weatherunderground API code and need a PWS (personal weather station) to create a code. Isn't there a way to do this with out actual weather hardware?

I'm not sure... @dJOS do you know if you need a pws to use WU?

There are a number of Community Drivers for weather services. Some need stations, some do not. You can check through the various ones. As an example, I have a few different drivers there (the Ambient and WeatherFlow both rely on stations). But (again as an example) my WeatherServiceMonitor connects to various weather services including so you can pretty easily find basic weather for your area.

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Yes you do.


@snell, where do I find your drivers? I’m coming from SmartThings with actiontiles and was hoping to intergrwte everything offline like below

Install Open Weather Map from Hubitat package manager...That will give you what you are looking for. Conversely he's mine (need to clean it up)


Thanks for the tip... I'm looking forward to setting something like that up.

I installed the HPM but keep getting error regarding "Hub Security Username and Password". I've tried my email, hubname and User Name in the Hub Login Security. What am I missing?

turn off authentication on the hub and hubitat package manager

Ok... how do i turn off "Authentication"? I tried to turn off the hub login security, but it when I go back to the screen it is turned on. Is "Authentication" different then "Hub login security"?

Remove the user from Hub Login Security. Then reboot

I had problems getting the HPM to work, but I've finally got some time to play around with this again and am determined to get it going.... I've installed open weather and put in my API code, but when I add the tile, I get no information. Any suggestions?

Use attributes in the tile

Do the attributes show up in the device page? If they do, then @rlithgow1 suggestion will work. If they don't, this is another manifestation of the DNS issues you have reported elsewhere.

Only the temperature attribute is showing up.

And it's incorrect (72 vs a frigid 26 her in Michigan!)

That's the default value when the virtual "weather" device is created. Your hub has trouble reaching the internet; specifically, it seems unable to resolve names into IP address. Can you successfully complete all the tests under:

Settings -> Network Setup


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