Insteon Cloud and Company has disappeared

This is a sad time for Insteon users or former Insteon users. Insteon appears to have gone out of business. It does show you why you should never rely on a cloud server for your home automation.


SmartthingsADT did the same thing.

If I remember correctly, Lowe's did the same thing with their Iris devices. They shutdown their server and turned all that hardware into door stops.

They at least had a program to buy back equipment people had bought.


And again...cloudy with a chance of ripoff. I am so done with cloud devices. At least Iris made good for devices not usable on other smarthome platforms. IIRC I got about 200+ dollar refund from Lowes when Iris was being shutdown. At least Iris was upfront, gave warnings and refunds.
The last cloud device I owned(2014), Leeo(smart alert nightlight), met the same fate. It used to send a notification if it heard a smoke/CO alarm tone. Thought that was smart, until it wasn't. That device is what brought me into the HA arena.
Funny thing, a person is selling it on ebay for 60 bucks ! That's gonna be 1 pissed buyer when he finds it doesn't work.


No. Iris v2 and v3 sensors were standard ZHA1.2 and work with any zigbee hub like Hubitat.

Lowes released the code for the Iris v1 zigbee protocol, and Hubitat added support for that protocol and those devices.

So Lowes acted appropriately when they shut their Iris system down.


sooooo soo wrong... I have many Iris devices that all work just fine with Hubitat.


I will never use a cloud server. One day they will all be shutdown. I have been moving my installations quickly over to Hubitat and one solution with Homeseer (Insteon/ISY and Z-wave).

Not so true. I had no luck getting back any money from them. The absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. (Smartthings) I had V2 and V3 hubs laying around but made the switch to Hubitat and have never been happier.

They gave notice IIRC... All their stuff was standard zigbee and easily made to work with HE and ST..

Sorry to hear that! All I know is I saw many posts on the ST community from people getting several hundred dollars back for the ST/ADT gear. I definitely agree that ST had some of the worst the customer service!

Several threads already on this topic:


Absolutely, when you base your smart home automatons on hardware owned by someone else, you always have a risk. That is why I try to avoid cloud devices whenever possible. I do use Echo Speaks, but I also have local chimes/sirens that will make announcements even if the internet goes down or Amazon goes out of business. That is why I switched from Smartthings to Hubitat.

Everything becomes obsolete over time. I still have a couple of nice film cameras in the closet, but it is impossible to purchase film or get the film developed. One day, if I live long enough, Hubitat, Zigbee, and Z-wave will be obsolete, replaced by some new technology we probably have not even heard about yet.

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Matter v2



I'll add that Home Assistant put out a splash today indicating they will be improving their Insteon support. Previously the HA moderators rejected a bid from developer Tom Harris to make his Insteon Panel a part of the front end repo, but this has thankfully changed their tune very quickly. They're now moving forward with it.

I'm running the Insteon Panel now and it's pretty good. Still a problem with Ramp rate adjustments, but at least now the addition and their overall Insteon integration will get more love. I moved to HA Supervised in a VM yesterday. Using a more powerful Mac than I tried it on previously. Just as before, it was so simple to setup and transfer my current config from HA core. I still have an RPi 4 coming, but if it doesn't restart any faster (because HA supervised on this VM is a bit slow compared with core that restarted in about 5 seconds), then I may just return the Pi and keep running under a VM. The latest VirtualBox seems to be running a lot better than previous versions and it's not dropping the USB connection setting after every restart where my Conbee 2 is located . That was a problem that previously had kept me on HA core instead of HA Supervised.


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There is probably a greater chance that the US Government will go bankrupt than Amazon will go out of business. Amazon makes a nice profit. The government is $30 trillion dollars in debt. That is more than year's worth of GNP for the entire economy. The rule of thumb used by investors is that the national debt should never exceed 77% of the GNP; the country is well above that level and politicians aim to borrow and spend even more. The national debt represents a debt of about $90,000 for every man, woman, and child in the country. I probably won't live long enough for the country to go bankrupt, but I might well live long enough for the Social Security system to go bankrupt.

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I saw this coming so I was already in the process of switching to Lutron/Zigbee with Hubitat. I do think that it is the best solution on the market.


:point_up: Agree 100% :sunglasses:


On a slightly different note;

Nokia has shutdown the Nokia (Insteon) site.

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