Replacing Insteon Hub with Hubitat

Good day everyone,
Neophyte here, so please bear with me. I am looking for an Insteon alternative, for obvious reasons! and am considering Hubitat, but have a few initial questions. I plan on switching my devices out for Leviton Z-Wave devices. Looking for control options. From a local standpoint, it's pretty straight forward, and I can get what I need (not complicated). What I am trying to understand is remote access. I need to remotely access lights, fans, thermostat, etc. Do I need a computer running 24/7 to facilitate this with Hubitat?
In basic terms, how do I easily set up my system for remote access. It seems though it's not native.

Dashboards will let you control devices locally or across the web. If you need to make changes to the hub, or control the hub itself you'll want to either set up a VPN (many routers have them built in) or subscribe to the Remote Admin service HE has.



To reiterate what @thebearmay said, accessing Dashboards from outside your LAN is free and does not require either a VPN or Hubitat's Remote Admin service.

Configuration changes (adding/modifying/removing devices or automations) can be done over the local network for free. They can also be done from outside your LAN for free if you setup a VPN. Or using Hubitat's Remote Admin subscription service.