Inovelli 4 in 1 Sensor now available

:crazy_face: hope they are not using CR type of battery.


I just got one and can not figure out how to install it into hubitat. There website talks about it, stating to follow a link, but its not active. Everything else I see is learning it into smarthings (do not have)

It seems I need to download (or cut/paste) some driver code, but have never done this and cant seem to find a tutorial.

Copy and pasted the code from this page (Hubitat/Drivers at master · InovelliUSA/Hubitat · GitHub) and then applied them to the device, but it doesnt seem to be working. first time doing anything like this with.
Any advice?


Did you hit "configure"?

edit: I am using @bcopeland's drivers but should be the same... I have 3 in my basement working fine.. mine are usb powered.

This shows a app install.

Driver upload is similar, but no need to install it like an app.

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Also you may have to press the button just before pairing/hitting configure. They are "sleepy" devices..

There is an alternative driver here:


Ah ha. did not hit configure on the device.

Seems to be good now, gots some playing around to do...

thanks for the swift reply guys! will likely be around here more often as Im stuck at home due to Covid



Do you have Covid?

Does anyone actually know anyone that has it?!?


Where I am, we extended the stay at home order until June 12th, our governor is on some power trip, and keeps changing the criteria of when we will all be allowed to get back to normal. Everyone is basically ignoring the stay home order at this point due to the overreach, and nobody knowing anyone who is sick.

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My wife's cousin's whole family got it. Son was ok but the rest got flu-like symptoms for 2 weeks. My cousin in Sweden just got it and is sick.

Does anyone actually know anyone that has it?!?

A few people from my church have it.

When I switched from Wink to Hubitat about a month ago I ordered a bunch of multi-sensors to see which I liked best, this isn't gonna be a review post...

comparing the 3 I bought and the many Dome sensors I had :

Zooz 4 in 1 $34
Inovelli 4 in 1 $37
Aeotec 6 in 1 $60
Dome Motion/Light Sensors $44

The Inovelli has been by far my favorite, from an aesthetics point of view, its a softly rounded cube with no golf ball dimpled dome, visible holes, or leds, no creepy eyeball styling. It has a smooth opaque flat front. We have almost all our sensors ceiling/corner mounted on a pitched ceiling, the mounting arm for the Inovelli has a good level articulation (although it's not actually made for ceiling mounting, unless pointed straight down)

If I were starting from scratch I'd buy this one for every room.

I do like the articulation of the Dome sensor, and that have worked pretty well over the last view years, but I'll probably start migrating the uglier sensors (Aeotec, Zooz) to places like closets and garages where we won't be looking at them day and and day out.


I just picked up one of these also from Amazon. I didn’t realize it did not have a native built in driver from Hubitat. Is this because it is a relatively new released device? I see many other natively support Inovelli z-wave devices in the HE compatibility list but not this one.

Is there any drawback to the stability of my HE if I used the Inovelli driver by copy/pasting the code or the 3rd party one?

Nope all good - the folks at iNovelli are active here as well the amazing @bcopeland. Both have drivers you can use.

(I prefer Brian's though... sorry Eric).

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Thanks. What is the main difference between the 2 drivers?

I recommended this for a client who needed a z-wave temp and humidity sensor (for basement rental properties) of which there are very few so he will likely not even be using the light and motion part of the sensor.

They will both do what you want I suspect.. but Brians is more streamlined.

Thanks again. I think I will start with the official driver from Inovelli and see how it goes.

Sounds good - I don't think you will have any issue.

On a side note have you seen this?

You can upgrade your z-wave devices firmware without having to go to a third party hub or stick.