Innr SP244 Zigbee Smart Plug

I installed 3 of these innr sp244 plugs to strengthen my Zigbee mesh between the hub and zigbee devices. One is very close to the hub in the next room. They have been installed for 2 days.

The devices are using the generic zigbee outlet driver and respond to commands from the device page. However, they are not being picked up as a repeater in the zigbee mesh. The are not listed in the "Route Table Entry" list and the Zigbee Map app does not recognize them in the Routing table. They do however appear in the Neighbor map as a blue dot with multiple connections.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Are you using the native/stock zigbee (endpoint) table & tools? If so, those are notoriously incomplete.

The community-developed zigbee map app is much better, but it still may show some gaps.

But bottom line, if the plugs perform properly from the device page, it's probably not worth worrying about. And it can take longer than 2 days for the zigbee mesh to settle in -- I'd give it a week or so.

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Looking at this plug just now. Are you happy with it overall ?

No. The Innr’s work fine as a switch but they do not repeat. I ended up using these and they do repeat
Sengled Smart Plugs, Hub...

The confusion on "performance" on outlets seems to be across the board. Been shopping for a good repeating energy monitoring Zigbee model and I can read some well respected opinions in our Community then zip off to buy thinking this is a sure bet....only to run into other reviews that put things back into question.

Sometimes that's version dependent, sometimes firmware level dependent, sometimes it's just a matter of 1000s of reviewers anxious to tell everyone what they think of their new unit in the first week of ownership to the handful of reviewers that have had 5 units for a couple of years. EDIT: Oh, and then there's the devices that were great before the company was bought out or under anther label.

On the INNR models there is some definite confusion as the 244 model is thought to have repeater capability but there are plenty of folk that have had the same doubt as you.

Then there is the one thread I ran across last night in the HA Community (I think) that mentions that European/EU market targeted models have to abide by a lessor radio signal strength per EU standards as compared to what's allowed in the US. I have no idea if this is true...but if it may bring explanation as to why the 244 might not seem to be repeating (doesn't readily get hopped on for repeating vs other routes in your mesh).

PURE speculation here, right down to my thought that the description on the SP244 DID SAY something that could be understood to be "repeater".

Unfortunately I ordered before you replied :grimacing:

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I feel your pain! Have really struggled with Zigbee mesh. Zwave has been solid. Zigbee just drops devices every month or so. They are still paired, but their current state gets off and they wont respond to automations.

I'm sure this has been recommended to you before, there are long threads on the subject, but stick to a "clear of the WiFi lobes" high channel selection for your Zigbee radio on the hub(s) and use repeaters liberally. I'm using Ch 20 on one and 25 on the other and I make sure everything I'm doing in WiFi in the 2.4mHz band is on Ch 1 and 6, nothing higher.

OK, just got the INNR SP244,

it paired like butter on toast and all indications are that this one IS acting as a repeater.

Now HOW much of the mesh traffic it eventually hosts is another matter.

Still would love to hear someone confirm that it does or doesn't have less Signal Strength that a US destined device due to being designed in and for Europe (err, Scandinavia).

EDIT ADD: I will have to admit the way this came packaged, the certifying agencies on the device, and the actually READABLE & INFORMATIVE instructions bespeak of the INNR principles having their corporate roots/rearing in Phillips.

EDIT ADD 2: Just coming back after some days to say that this plug is recognized as a repeater, I saw it relaying one device since initial setup. Of course this morning it is carrying none, but then I have an old Smartthings Multi-sensor by Samjin that is skipping three intermediate repeaters (including the INNR SP244) and making it's way all the way back through two exterior walls to a C5 hub. Go figure, sometimes I wonder about how these protocol standards were designed, seems to allow a lot of illogical loosey-goosey routing behavior. Of course the repeater quality, capabilities, and placements aren't standard either :crazy_face:

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OK BUT..... I wonder if there's still something amuck with the power multiplier on these if you aren't on their most recent firmware?

I would have expected at least 40 watts if not more here.


  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 14
  • inClusters: 0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0008,1000,0702,0B04,E001
  • manufacturer: innr
  • model: SP 244
  • outClusters: 000A,0019
  • powerCluster: 0B04
  • softwareBuild: 1.4.3

Wondering if Hubitat is "plugged in" (pun intended) to this channel with the folks at INNR ? Didn't know these plugs could (potentially) do what all is talked about in this linked post. I'd just like to get the watt reading to show more than single digit values.

Innr SP-242 Smart Plug not reporting status automatically · Issue #6747 · Koenkk/zigbee-herdsman-converters · GitHub