I'm ok with being a second class citizen


Wow, did that article ever hit home for me. I'm sick of everything requiring an app.

And btw, a few weeks ago I was helping someone much younger with something on their computer when I told them to open the _____ "program". "The what?", they asked. Turns out they had never heard the term, and only knew the word, "app".

I'm officially old...


Me too! I hate stuff that is app-only. Drives me bananas. Even when folks post screen shots here from the app I ask them to go to a browser and post from there. Maybe it's age-related :slight_smile:


For me it's lack of screen real-estate. I hate phone screenshots of a web page.... Then again I have 2 32" 4k monitors on my desk (no room for 4) and I blow the page up so it's comfortable to read. Yes, I actually am old...(not as ancient as @danabw but ya know, he knew the 2000 year old man when the 2000 year old man was a kid.... Sid Caeser joke for you youngins)


But do you have to take off your glasses every time you pair or reset a device? Yup, I do!


I have to put them on (far sighted)


Wow, how big is your phone... ? :grin:

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I keep an ipad 11" pro with google voice on it in my back pocket.... :rofl:


Progressive lenses FTW!

They do take some getting used to, and you do get some neck exercises while trying to find the right zone to see clearly :wink:


Not only do I wear progressives I have two pairs with different focus points at different places - still doesn't help. And oh boy the first time I wore them and tried to go down the stairs!


I wear progressives but my far sight is really good so I tend not to wear them all the time.

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Me too.

You're kidding, right?! I knew his parents when they were kids... :wink:

Absolutely! Can't live w/out 'em, and just do not understand why my wife hates using them. Life-saver.

I've got poor eyesight in every direction/distance, w/out glasses I'm a wall-hitter. My astigmatism is off the charts, due to having "bumpy eyes" - my optometrist says it's like I've got a mountain range on my eyes. I believe the real name is keratoconus. Not focus-friendly...

How many scan a tiny manual then enlarge it? Or use your phone’s camera to read it?


I have a magnifying app on my phone and use that for all the tiny text I seem to run into constantly.

Or maybe I didn't used to think it was tiny... :astonished::wink:

I throw it away and go online for the equivalent.

This is SO handy at restaurants too!

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Interestingly, I have been playing with ShareX (based on a communty reccomendation),, and I really do prefer it over the native windows snip tool. One thing I noticed the other day though, when taking a scrolling screen shot (like logs) it sizes it as though it was taken from a phone and not on a laptop/ pc. thought that was rather odd. Not sure if that can be changed or not, but those thin screen shots drive me nuts!

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I did not even notice it had the scrolling capture, tested it on my zwave details and it seems to have worked fine. Came out perfect. Nice find!

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I'm really glad you suggested it! I just happened to stumble across scroll capture the other day, but it seems a bit on the small side (i.e. phone screen grab) size, like still needs to be blown up to be read. Definitely easier than grabbing multiple chunks of logs the other way. maybe I'm just too used to seeing those in full size.

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