I'm ok with being a second class citizen

Are you clicking on it just once, if you click a second time on my post it zooms in and you can scroll the image.


Second Click to zoom

Yep it was just clicking once, the second is more what I was used to. Thats a pretty handy little tool. glad you suggested it!

second class

FTFY: First Class, Elitist

I've lived on a terminal or screen & a keyboard since the 1976, when I sold mainframes door-to-door. I have zero use for phones, other than carrying one when I travel should my wife need to contact me. Like others here, I find the lack of screen space frustrating ---but the lack of easy access to routine power user features really drives me up the wall. Most importantly, I heavily modify the browser (currently Firefox) on the desktop to render sites I frequently use to my liking. The internet I see on desktop leans toward being minimalist text-based and is largely devoid of navigation, headers, footers, ads, & eye-candy. I navigate using extensively curated bookmarks. The page content is heavily pre-filtered to delete the media's Hype-O-The Day, like Silicon Valley Bank. I can't do that on mobile browsers.

HE is also set up in a minimalist manner. I tossed zwave early on because it can require maintenance. Now 100% zigbee, everything just runs on the C7. I now go days without seeing a dashboard and months without writing a rule. I've grown to dislike yelling at Alexa or opening a dashboard just to click a switch so I'm migrating to bookmarked url control of devices using Maker Api.

Martha, there's a cab over Peterbilt out front.

That mainframe sales guy is coming around again :rofl:

I write that jokingly as a former mainframe developer.


The easier money was in dedicated accounting machines. (Six digit incomes and a 4-digit monthly expense allowance wasn't too shabby for a 20-something kid in the 70s.) We did have an Econoline high-cube van with a generator ...which had a near 100% failure rate during crucial demos. I started renting several adjoining rooms in motels and hold local shows. This turned out to be very successful in semi-rural areas. My company nickname was "Showboat."

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