Recommendation for Screenshot App - ShareX

I had to redo my PC recently and I was using Greenshot before which is not being developed anymore. So I figured what the heck I will look for something new. Found this ShareX and it is awesome if you take a lot of screenshots. It is geared for auto uploading to Imgur and getting the link. That in itself would be great if I needed that. Really what I wanted is press a button, draw a box, screenshot, then send me to an app to draw on it. It has this all built in. With a little bit of config changes I hid / disabled all the uploading stuff and have it pop up a menu after screenshots, I can either copy to clipboard or send it to the annotation tool (then copy from there).

I also changed the key mapping so the Print Screen button does my most used function which is the option to draw a box and snip.


I do like SnagIT, but it does require purchasing the software or I think there is also an annual subscription you can arrange.

Windows key+shift+S

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But then I still use Paint for everything pic related.

Which can then be mapped to the print screen button



You can upload the image to my website as well instead of imgur :slight_smile:

Which is why I like this app, you can screenshot and drop it right into its built in annotation app that has the perfect tools on it.

That is a good trick, I didn't know about that setting.


I've been using Greenshot for quite a while and like it.
I DO like trying new software....and ShareX is pretty cool!
It will even OCR something you capture ..WOW
It took me a while to find how to change color of an arrow or thickness in the editor...


I just use the built in windows snip tool

You gotta have a print screen button for that to be handy :laughing:

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