I bought the Hubitat because of this image:

IKEA is on this list, but in my experience my IKEA devices are not supported out of the box.
Taking the IKEA devices one at a time:

Motion sensor: Not working
With a Hubitat staff member explicitly writing:

When a community member shows other hubs support IKEA motion sensors, having a cooperation with IKEA, the staff reply is:


Outlets: Not working on dashboard
This one does have an official driver and should work out of the box.
But it cannot be operated via the dashboard, showing an hourglass when pressed.
Going into device settings they can be turned on and off.
But the status of it and toggling it does not work.

RGB bulb: No official drivers enabling color change
If the driver "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" is used, it can be turned on and off.
But when I read "Brands that work with Hubitat" I expect my products to work out of the box.
It is quite a learning wall to find a "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" driver.
A community member has made a driver that enables color changes, but while the dashbord tile for color bulbs work, the bulb reverts to white when the tile is exited.
A community driver can be found here:

3 temperatures bulb: No official drivers
"Generic Zigbee CT Bulb" does not work, a user has to select: "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)"
For a brand that is listed as supported, they should have their own driver, so a user can easily find them.
Using the driver "Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)" they do fully work though in a rather complicated way and changing the warmth of the bulb is rather complicated / not available in the dashboard.
The 3 settings being: Sunrise (2202 kelvin), 3003 Soft White (3003 kelvin), Moonlight (4000 kelvin)

Dimmer Switch: No official drivers
A driver was made by the community.
But rather than a nice dimmer switch on the IKEA platform, the only possibility with Hubitat is as a switch, due to a community member.

Not a single of my 5 different IKEA products worked out of the box.
I would fully recommend removing IKEA from the list of supported brands.
Because when a staff member literally writes "bin it" that is very very close to false advertising.
Had this been a 30$ game on steam, I would have requested a refund.
..but this is a 100$ product (160$ with shipping, 200$ with taxes)

Please remove IKEA from the list of supported brands until you are able to support the 5 basic products of:
Motion sensor, RGB bulb, 3 temperatures bulb, dimmer switch, outlet.

and had you been a larger company I would have asked for a partial or full refund.
Because I bought this based on a lie.

None of my setups using motion sensors or outlets work anymore.
The annoying thing with home automation is that you get used to it.
..and since I introduced Hubitat so much has stopped working :frowning_face:
There is the great change of bulbs now being able to follow sunrise and sunset :slight_smile:
But the rules machine is rather unintuitive, complex and having to find drivers by searching a forum took hours.
It will be better in the future.
Hopefully Hubitat will put some effort into supporting IKEA TRÅDFRI.
Where I live their devices are the cheapest physical store option and I know a lot of my colleagues have IKEA TRÅDFRI, so it is a huge market.

As a company Hubitat NEEDS to focus on making it work out of the box, when support of a brand is promised.
If 0 out of 5 products work (in a 7 product line-up)
Then there needs to be a LARGE note on the sales page next to IKEA, eg. listing the only 1 or 2 products that work, making sure that customers do not assume that they can replace their IKEA gateway with a Hubitat to get more advanced features. (As I hoped I could)


That page you posted a screenshot of has a prominent link that says, “Full List of Compatible Devices with Hubitat”. It also states that Hubitat works with a variety of zwave and zigbee devices.

variety != all

It would have been prudent to click on that link before making your purchase, or using the community to evaluate Hubitat’s compatibility with your existing products. I know I did the latter, prior to my migration.

I have two types of Ikea products - the Tradfri control outlets and the Tradfri repeaters. They both work fully with built-in drivers. I cannot explain why your outlets don’t work the same way, outside of - there’s either a device setup error or an issue with your zigbee mesh.


I have loads of ikea outlets. No issues at all, built in drivers.

Here's what's listed as compatible.



I have 5 wall plugs, 4 basic e14 bulbs & 4 GU10 basic bulbs, all working but I always research a possible device before purchase.

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Same here, I have 6 plugs, all work perfectly, I have a variety of bulbs including GU10, cadle type, CT and RGB (not the best color but at clearance $5.00 each, they are ok) and all worked with generic Zigbee Bulb drivers, the bulbs were bad repeaters so they are now by themselves on a Hue Bridge. Also have 1 Symfonisk sound remote and that also works perfectly.

All other switches I have from them don't work and who cares, most came with a bulb or plug that I got on special for less than the bulb itself. I kept them without batteries in them, just in case some day they are supported.

I have several of the TRADFRI transformer both the 10w and 30w versions that work well using the "generic zigbee bulb" driver.


I agree with OP.
The text clearly mentions Ikea as supported brand but the stuff don't work correctly and none have yet been identified as IKEA by the system, Gu10 Ikea bulbs are identified as remotes by the system lmfao.
To top it off I also have the same complaint about some staff members being borderline rude in their behaviour.
I bought hubitat because it was boasted as a flexible machine with a caring community and Dev team by some influential people.
But now I find myself doubting my decision.
Ikea is a big brand like it or not.
Far bigger than some other brands and their zigbee and smarthome line is selling at extreme pace.
The very fact that Devs say they are not interested in working on fixing these issues makes one wonder if they even care about their foothold in this market.
I mean look at it, Smart Things had this working fine back in 2019.
Now we are in 2021 and Hub can't even correctly identify lamps.


Even if I would love to have have Ikea buttons working with Hubitat, it is first and foremost Ikeas fault that many of there stuff does not work with Hubitat. By not using standard Zigbee protocol to communicate with a hub, but rather use it to communicate directly to the bulbs, it is there decision.

As for other Ikea stuff, most do work and usually work pretty well for cheap devices, yes they are not as robust as other devices (reason why they are cheap), they might drop off the mesh sometimes but for many applications it is ok, they often don't report back, still not Hubitats fault, it's the device that is made that way because in the Ikea world of smart devices, it doesn't need to.

You can't blame the Hub for something the end device does or does not do. Yes there are some work arounds that others might have implemented to make it work, Hubitat might get to these in the future but they did say more than once to not count on it. If they do, good for the many buttons I do have, if they don't well to bad but it won't make me change for an inferior platform just because some Ikea stuff don't work.

If the official list does not say it is supported and you got it anyway just to try, you are the only person to blame for buying it, not Hubitat. At least Ikea has a very good return policy, something like 1 year for new/like new and 6 months for opened / damaged packaging returns.

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I think its standard Zigbee to communicate directly with a device. I think Ikea is one of the most prolific companies in getting even their firmware updates certified.

The Ikea devices I have are some of the best I have. They never fall off and just work. Almost all are updated frequently and they actually provide OTA files.

Some of the build quality of Ikea's buttons are really nice. I was looking at the remote that came with the blinds. It is IP44 rated. It actually has a rubber gasket for the battery cover. The screw to hold it on has a brass insert and something to retain the screw. I have an older remote the came with the outlet and it is not nearly as nice. I can pair the remote directly to a device the hubitat network but for some reason the blinds one won't pair.

I see a hub such as hubitat as a natural upgrade path when you outgrow their hub. Also they are some of the few devices that have global availability hence you see a lot of requests for them.

True but, it is compliant to communicate directly to the bulb/plug, but not made to communicate to the hub, that is the problem.

Yes they do have nice stuff, I won't buy an Ikea hub just to get updates but nice to know that they do update, maybe they could change the communication so that it plays nice directly with hubs other than there's without having to "hack" the code on the hub.

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Don't respond if you want to make up excuses.
The list clearly says Ikea.
It says it.
And the so called inferior hubs already support Ikea without these issues.
How come other hubs including st which is hubitat's arguably biggest competitor supports Ikea products better if the issue lies with Ikea products?
If the list says Ikea the customer expects actually working Ikea drivers.
It does not pay to slap Ikea's name on the list and not expect complaints when they don't work.


Not making excuses for anyone, they never claimed support for all Ikea products, before buying the hub I looked at the list, this is what I saw...

I bought it even if I already had a few of unsupported stuff knowing they would not work, if they do in the future, nice, if they don't I knew before hand.


The list of compatable Ikea devices is fully documented in our compatable device list.

If a given device isn't compatable you can't possibly expect us to identify it correctly can you?

Also, can you honestly say it's reasonable to assume that because we list Ikea as a compatable manufacturer, that we support every device they sell or have ever sold?


My car is compatible with, amongst others, a particular brand of tyres. But I don't get snarky with the mechanic when the cheaper 14" won't stretch onto the rims. Because it states in the manual I need 16".

The website specifically, clearly lists compatibilities. This discussion is insane.


When I saw the reply from what I would deem people blinded with fandom I stopped recommending Hubitat to people.
I used to recommend Hubitat, but this is far beyond OK behaviour.

The supposed documentation is far FAR from clearly marked.
Some green text on the webpage is just green text.
Some green text on the webpage is SUPER IMPORTAINT links to long long lists that you have to read through.
..to spot that all IKEA devices dealing with automation is not supported by the hubitat.

With IKEA Trådfri alone (and their hub) I had:
Lights and plugs automatically being turned on when I entered.
Nice dimmer switches handling entire rooms (and plugs)

Now I have a hubitat and the only automation is "turn on lights 1 hour before sunset"
The rest is a remote-control via the app.

The hubitat is so extremely inferior to the IKEA experience.

The response from the Hubitat community and developers seem to be "spend hundreds of $ on new devices and throw switches and motion detectors from IKEA in the trash"

A community fiercely defending the position of not putting "Switches, Dimmers and Motion detectors not supported" on the website.

With a community so hell-bend on not informing others, insisting on cheating people to buy into their favourite hub, I have opted out.
This is the kind of cutomer service that translate to really bad reputation in the automation community.

Just be honest, rather than writing the IKEA platform is supported, do write that the majority of their products are not.
Well the products dealing with automation.
The product that does work is Light Bulbs, the basics of basic.
Even the power plug, while working, shows an incorrect status (always showing as on)
..and by not using the IKEA hub, the devices no longer get driver updates.

The IKEA products 100% supported out of the box by Hubitat are a vast minority of the floorspace in the IKEA Trådfri section.
You need to specifically search out the single shelf of repeaters, you need to avoid all the sets where switches are included and buy the hidden single-stock power plugs.


Why not include a disclaimer visible on the site next to the platform name IKEA that only bulbs and repeaters are supported?
Why this insistence on calling people dumb for not clicking on each and every section of small green text.
When the solution is so easy:
Remove IKEA from the list until it is properly supported.
Or at least make a note on the very very few IKEA products that are supported.
(Plugs do not count as they do not show the correct status)

It is apparent that several people have read the website, come to the conclusion that IKEA Trådfri is supported in a way where all their devices can be switched over to hubitat.

Then it is no longer a "our customers are stupid" issue.
But bordering false advertisement that is opaque by choice.

I have stopped having faith in Hubitat based on this.
When the solution is so extremely easy: Editing a bit of HTML to remove IKEA from the list of supported brands.

If the website is updated, please let me know, so that I may consider recommending Hubitat again.
Because an offline local hub, supported by developers is a great concept.
But when they twist the truth so extremely far, I stop having faith in the security in the product.
Where else are the developers cutting corners?


And that is bordering on legally actionable slander/libel...

Anyway, I hear you - you don't think it is clearly marked/documented. Documentation can always be improved, so it is good that people comment to Hubitat where they think it should be improved. I've seen them make a number of changes to that document, and many others.

OK, good that you already have a solution for using your devices the way you want. Hubitat will never be all things to all people, and is not the right solution for all devices and use cases. And never will be.

I'm sure everyone will make a note to do so (that was sarcasm, in case it wasn't clear, but a fitting response to such a ridiculous request).


Seriously?, as a customer your expectation is that we maintain a list of devices that we don't support?
How in the world would we be able to do that when we can't even do so well on getting folks to read the list of devices that we do support...

So ,since we currently offer very limited support for Ikea devices, no problem, we will drop it from our manufacturer listing page.
I agree, we don't want to continue misleading and misrepresenting anything here...


Which would be a shame because a combination of built-in and community provided drivers do support a number of Ikea zigbee products.

I don't think there's any misrepresentation. The phrase "variety of devices" is sufficiently clear. What might be desirable is to change the phrase "Full list of Compatible Devices ...." with "Please check support for specific devices here".


Agreed. Or perhaps you'll get someone whining about some fibaro products that aren't working too.

Or are you guys removing fibaro from the list too?

Where would you draw the line in terms of "% of available products which are actually supported"…?

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While this is true, no combination of community and inbuilt drivers will cover Ikeas entire product line on Hubitat.

This is not the case with other manufacturers.

So it will be removed from the main product page, but not the compatability list.

The firmware implementation choices they have made are too inconsistent with mainstream zigbee conventions to make simplistic whole range product support feasable at this time.