Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor Drivers

Hi Everyone,

This is my very post, Just started my Home automation journey. Got some Nue Light switches / Nue Door sensors / Ikea Tradfri RBG Globes for lamps & few Ikea Tradfri Motion sensors.

So far all devices work fine except the Ikea Tradfri Motion sensors. I can detect them & add them as devices using the generic Zigbee Motion Senor drivers. But that's where it all stops.

I cannot create a rule to detect motion & turn on / off lights.

Anyone knows of custom drivers that are available?

The devices are not compatible with Hubitat (see https://docs.hubitat.com/index.php?title=List_of_Compatible_Devices for a list known to work out of box, but many more can work with stock or custom drivers), and it's not just because there is no driver--they rely on odd behavior (group broadcasting only, at least for motion events) and it would require changes on the hub side. Here is some reading (yes, it's 2 years old, but there have been no significant Zigbee modfiications since then), and you can probably find more with additional searching:

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Thank you for your reply,

In that case I will return the Motion sensors. but the question still stands, Which Motion Sensor should I buy to detect the motion sensor & turn lights on / off.

I am in Australia :slight_smile:

There's a AUS/NZ topic where you might get very specific answers.


For zigbee, Philips Hue (best but exxy - but also available in outdoor form), xiaomi/aqara (using 3rd party drivers you can find here on the forum), sonoff, cygnett. Probably others but these do work with HE (I have all of them!)


I have had the best luck with the Smart Things motion sensors. (haven't tried the Hue ones yet)

Xiaomi/Aqara works too, but they lack temperature sensing and they are more prone to get disconnected than others - also, they are more of a hassle to reconnect as well as change batteries in.

Thanks for your reply, does the Phillips Hue require a seperate hub or connects directly to HE?

They'll work fine directly with HE.

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While I am not in AU, I second/third? the recommendation for Hue motion sensors. Pricier than others, but rock solid performers, and they look nice.

Curious if the HUE Motions have gone through a Version increment of significance whereby you don't want any prior to Version x.x ; kinda like the Iris ones caused a whole lot less problems after Version x.x ?

The ones from Sonoff are pretty reliable and there are community drivers for them. I got some and they work fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The only sonoff motion sensor I bought in Feb 2021 died yesterday. Not the battery.. its dead dead.

Thanks, I have ordered a couple, will arrive in the first week of Jan.

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@rocketwiz does the Cygnett one require custom drivers or does it work with th OOB Hubtitat Generic drivers?

Talking about Cygnett, have you tried their Temp. / Humidity Sensors? Does that work with Hubitat?

I use the 3rd party one that markus wrote for use with sonoff sensors (oh la labs), I'd guess that any sonoff compatible driver would work. . Also I don't have any other cygnett stuff - I bought this one on a whim when it was cheap at Harvey Norman.