IKEA Tradfri Led Drivers

Per LED chip? As in each individual R, G, B and W per SMD 5050 chip?

That is what I am working on too. I really like the individual addressable LED mode. I am switching all my generic “dumb” led over to this. You create such better ambiance then traditional all one color/level leds.

Working on year round lighting on exterior of the home first. Trying to figure out how to do WiFi holiday/mdx like control on test modules I have created. If works I have a dual solution for home accent lighting and holiday music controlled scenes.

It is set up so that you create different bulbs for segments of the Strip. Controlling individual chips from a system like HE isn't practical. It requires too many messages being sent too fast to make something like that practical. Think about the timing and processing that would be required. If you are looking for something to create animations with neopixels, look at the McLighting project. Can be interfaced with webcalls.

My setup is a little complicated as I actually have 2 boards per strip. One running DIYHue and one running McLighting. I switch between them with a relay controled by the McLighting board. Only way I've found to have both animation type control and simple everyday lighting control at the same time.

@Royski How did you get your driver connected to HE? I was able to pair it up with my Hue hub (which is actually fine for my setup), but I couldn't get it to pair to my HE hub after multiple attempts of resetting it/putting HE into discovery mode/moving the driver to right on top of the HE hub, etc.

Any suggestions or magical words I should be whispering softly to it? LOL

Does the Discovery work?
It might be that has not yet been excluded from hue?

There’s a bit of a knack to them I find.

Resets the device, 6 times off/on. Keep the off position longer than the on. You simply need to flash them on, then back off. Keep off for 1 second, then flash it on again. Until 6, on the 6th leave it on. This is for the bulbs.

The dimmer unit:
Make sure you have at least one light attached. Hold a pin in the reset and watch the light dim and then brighten.

As soon as it does that, search for devices.
It should find the device, as soon. As it does power the device off, then back on (it it can hang on initialising). After a while you should be able to change the name and hit save.

I’ve done it this was with 14 bulbs, and 3 dimmer units. Yet to have any of them drop or have any issues.


This was before I paired it to Hue.

Honestly, I think I might just keep them connected to the Hue. In the scheme of things, paired directly to HE or paired to Hue only results in a few milliseconds of delay I've found. Plus, I'm starting to get close to over 75 Zigbee devices on my HE, so letting the Hue handle some of the Zigbee load isn't that big a deal to me. They function well and seem to be responsive. So, now my wife and I have planned to redo all the kitchen lighting using the Ikea driver along with the Omslopp pucks and strips.

I would say Its the best decision.
I have found that placing all your bulbs in a different mesh is the best solution as they are lousy repeaters. It also enables the bulbs to use ZLL instead of ZHA. Some bulbs work much better through ZLL than through ZHA.

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The only issue I've found is when I have two (or more) lights in a group that aren't all on the same mesh. Very occasionally, I'll see hiccups between my Sengleds and Hue bulbs in the same group (Sengleds on HE, Hue bulbs on Hue). But it's only happened like three or four times in the past couple of months.

One reason I’ve got them on HE, is they’re great little repeaters.

I thought about that as well. I just threw two of the Ikea repeaters on my mesh and I have 5 of the Smartthings 2018 plugs as well. Extra repeaters never hurt though. Next week, I'm getting 3 more of the Drivers (2 30w and 1 10w) and I'm going to put one of each on HE and one more on the Hue hub.

Then comes the fun XBee mapping. :slight_smile:


Just picked up one of the 30 watt Trådfri LED drivers today. Have you by change mapped it with an Xbee? Wondering if having this paired directly to HE will be an asset, repeating Zigbee signals like the Trådfri Outlet and dedicated repeater does, or will it be a liability, causing instability in the Zigbee mesh like a Trådfri bulb did to me when I tried paired directly to HE.

I have a Hue Bridge, so I can easily do that, Just thought I might enjoy further signal repeating an a higher level of control with it directly paired.

Is it ZHA or ZLL?

It's ZLL

Then crappy repeater most likely.

Actually I'm assuming Zigbee LL since (have not tried yet), but they apparently pair with Hue.

I don’t have an Xbee so can’t check. They also don’t show up using the http://hub-up/hub/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo method either. Although my Ikea GU10s do and seems my Hue dimmers are repeating through them. That said, they don’t appear to have caused any adverse effects either. They fast and haven’t had any issues with any of the 4 I have, even have one out in the garden and it’s been working very well since I paired it.

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Did you end up mapping this to HUE or HE?

They are on the Hue bridge.

Hi, anyone still using these LED drivers?
Mine just stopped responding to HE, they work quite well if controlled with the IKEA hub or the small dimmers, but HE cant set the dim level or turn them on/off.
I tried pairing them again, they do pair to HE but it does not help.
When i click all the device buttons on the device page, the logs show only the configure and refresh logs. No mention of on, off, set level...

Same thing happened to my Ikea Outlet :frowning:

Last successfull device event is on 25th May, i did update the hub about that time as well