Another User Jumping from Wink

Overall, having a pretty good experience moving from Wink. My house is an unfortunate mix of protocols/brands/systems, and Hubitat is mostly making it easy. Yes, had to get a Caseta Pro hub (though that was an easy move) and go through re-pairing all the z-wave stuff, but that all took like an hour, tops. (The hardest thing was finding where they moved the option to remove Wink from Google Home; it's under "Add a Device" if you're looking.) Just now working on setting up dashboards and whatnot. Only two things I haven't really been able to do anything with:

  1. Ikea under-cabinet lighting. (I do have the hub, so they are on the network.)
  2. A couple TP-Link wifi plugs attached to lamps.

Not a big deal as I have those tied into Google and can voice control them, just odds and ends I can't get on the dashboard unless anyone's got an idea I haven't thought of. If I ever move, I'm certainly going to be more conscious of how I do things rather than just haphazardly adding products.

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Please post some more details on this. Several (but not all) Ikea zigbee devices can be paired directly to Hubitat.

@djgutheinz has written a TP-Link switch & bulb integration for Hubitat that is widely used. Here's the link:


Please post some more details on this. Several (but not all) Ikea zigbee devices can be paired directly to Hubitat.

It's all Tradfri based. Tradfri drivers (TRÅDFRI Driver for wireless control, gray, 30 W - IKEA) connect to the lights, which are then controlled by a tradfri switch (TRÅDFRI Remote control - IKEA), all of which is also paired to/controlled by the Tradfri gateway (TRÅDFRI Gateway, white - IKEA)

I'm not sure the hub has an official API (see API : tradfri) but there are at a minimum python scripts that interact with it (see GitHub - ggravlingen/pytradfri: IKEA Trådfri/Tradfri API. Control and observe your lights from Python. Examples available. On pypi. Sans-io. and Controlling IKEA Trådfri Lights from your Pi - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity). There is an integration noted for, so someone's got something working (IKEA TRÅDFRI - Home Assistant).

And thanks for the TP Link link!

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I use the TPlink integration. Works well and is very quick as it uses local WiFi control.


The remote control is not Hubitat compatible, and in the absence of an official API, it seems likely there'll be an official integration with the Tradri gateway.

The Tradfri LED driver can be paired directly to Hubitat. Here's an old thread on it. This post from @Royski is of particular interest:

I wanted to add - not that I am advocating this, but there is a Node-RED Tradfri integration. Using @fblackburn's Node-RED Hubitat integration (linked below), it should be very easy to create automations that include devices paired to either controller.


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