Ikea On Off Dimmer switch

Hey everyone

I have searched and searched but haven't found anything on the Ikea switch that I have linked to the post.

Is there a way to link this one? (I have found articles on the other buttons).


There are several posts about it. It does not use messaging that is supported by Hubitat.

In the second paragraph, Mike specifically mentions the on/off remote.

Oh Jesus.

Sorry about that.

So...I may need to sell a couple of these. Bought them before Hubitat.

Thanks for the link.

You can still pair them directly to a ZLL bulb like an Ikea or a Hue.

You mean and it won't effect the bulbs connection to the Hue hub?

I don't have a genuine Hue bridge but I believe you have to first "pair" the remote to the bridge. It won't actually pair but it will get the key from the bridge. Then when you pair the remote to the bulb it won't "steal" the connection to the bulb. That's what i've done with my Lutron Connected bulb remotes.

Hi, ..a bit late
But wanted to let you know if it's not to late, that you can use the ikea switch directly to the ikea bulbs or hue bulbs, but not via the Hubitat Hub.
After you have added your bulbs to Hubitat network, simply pair your IKEA switch by, following the instructions you got with the switch.

Unfortunately, it seems that you can only do this with bulbs but not with the IKEA outlet .
If anyone knows a way, do tell.

For the outlet I had to upgrade the firmware, I also upgraded the button. After that I was able to touchlink. It's useful since the outlet doesn't have a button.

It might be possible to create an app for Hubitat that would read the group of the button and then add other Zigbee devices to that group. I do that manually now with a Conbee 2. Inovelli wrote an app for Zwave devices that does the equivalent for Zwave.

So you mean that you have an Ikea outlet, that is both connected to the Hubitat hub and works locally with the ikea switch?
What firmware are it on now? Where can I tell witch is mine? And can I upgrade without the ikea tradfri hub??

Yes, both are on the Hubitat Zigbee network. I can control the outlet with Hubitat and the button at the same time.

Outlet: 2.0.022
Button: 2.2.010

You can switch the driver for a device to "Device" and hit the Get Info bottom while watching the logs. The firmware version will be printed in the logs. Then switch the drive back to the original. You might have to push the Ikea On Off button a few times when you are pushing the Get Info button in Hubitat. The button has to be woke up since it is a battery device.

I use the a Conbee 2 to upgrade the firmware while the device is on the Hubitat network. It is not a trial setup and there is little info on how to do that. You could create a separate network with the Conbee join the devices to that network, update them, then put them back on the Hubitat network.


The Smartthings hub might update Tradfri devices but I'm not sure. You would have to check their forum.

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There's a post here on that button, I paired mine fine but the buttons didn't work

Well, the ikea tradfri button works only locally (touchlink). So you won't see it in the Hubitat but you can turn on/of and dimm the lights. I do so successfully with many lights. The problem was to use the button in connection with the ikea tradfri outlet.
But as Oscpeaaron said, it's due to the old firmware. Wich I will update today and see what happens:)

I'm intrigued by Conbee 2. Is there a version that is standalone, which doesn't need to be connected to a PC?
And are you sure I can update my ikea tradfri devices with it?
And how do use it with Hubitat? How can you keep a device paired on both?
Thank you!

I bought the Conbee to map my Zigbee network instead of a Xbee. Their software Deconz allows the device to be set as a router. You can then add that device to Hubitat. It will show you all your devices and their routing table displayed as a map. It also lets you send commands to devices. You can then update devices if you have a firmware file and can get the device to see the Conbee as the OTA server. Normally this can be done by disabling the Hubitat Zigbee radio then before the network fall apart power cycle the device that you want to upgrade (you also have to assign the firmware to the device in question in Deconz). Then when the upgrade starts you can reenanble the Hubitat radio so the network doesn't go into rebuild.

I will caution anybody it is a highly manual process and setting up Deconz is not straight forward. I have Deconz running in a Docker container on a Linux server but I think there are other options.

Hi Huby,
Good to know! Any tips on how to do this? I can add the bulb to the HE just fine, but as soon as I pair the dimmer switch by following the instructions in the box, the bulb stops talking to the HE.

I am also experimenting with this switch, I also have the Up/Down button from one of their smart blinds that I wish I could get working with Hubitat. At this point, investing time / money into getting a $6 button to work via Deconz or similar seems excessive.

Does anybody know of any other compatible devices that are similar in design / functionality? I am using a few Hue Dimmer Remotes for various thing in the house, but thinking of putting together a physical control panel in entrance hallway for some of my devices and these looked perfect for the job. I would love to see suggestions, I have seen some things from Fibaro (extremely ugly IMO, who wants an actual orb watching every step through the house? what were the designers smoking :smiley:), Aqara / Xiaomi with their smart wall switches, but nothing as compact and "cute" as the IKEA ones.

EDIT: After playing with the Hue Essentials app (great stuff, unlocked it straight away), I manage to control the bulb with the remote only once, immediately after pairing. If I switch the bulb off via the app (either Hue Essentials or Philips Hue app), the button seems to just drop off. I watched, re-watched the videos, tried several times, even removed the battery from the remote and reset it once more after, no dice. Mind you I have not tried to do this while pairing direct to HE Hub, should I give this a go? Anybody have any luck with it?

I just finish this take a look

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I can confirm I have used @martinez.mp3 's deCONZ integration with a conbee 2 usb stick plugged into my rpi 4. Works great for me to control my Somfy RTS shades linked to a Bond Bridge which in turn is linked to my HE.

Oscopeaaron, can you explain more how you accomplished being able to control the Tradfri outlet with the button and with the hubitat? I have the same or newer firmware (same on the on/off switch, 2.0.024 on the outlet) but after pairing with the hub, when I touch-link the on/off control (hold sync button for 10 seconds near the outlet) I can no longer control it with the hub. If I reset the outlet and repair with the hun, I can no longer control it with the on/off switch.

It's been awhile since I did it. I think paired the outlet and button to the Hubitat. Then did the touchlink. It worked at the time for the outlet. I recently got some tradfri blinds and tried the same thing with the blinds and the open/close controller (looks almost the same as the on/off buttons, but made slightly nicer) but I had the issue with the blinds leaving the network after the touch link. Didn't have a lot of time to troubleshoot so I never got that working.