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I have a switchBot to open my building door and a nuki for my apartment door. They are working ok but taking out the phone from pocket to open door is not much difference than using the key. I will like to have some remote control on my key chain to open doors, I can't use something connected to apartment because is too far away from building door. Did any of you know some Bluetooth remote which connect to phone and be able to Triger an action on the phone?
Or some application which works with smartwatches. It will easier to use my watch instead of phone.

I have a similar problem with our front door. Couldn’t use a lock with a keypad due to the glass insert without trimming out some of the wood trim around it and I didn’t want to do that. So I used a kwickset lock that just sets on the deadbolt on the inside.

We don’t enter through front door very often but your right, taking out phone and opening app to a dashboard is really no easier than just getting out the key.

I used the trigger with a endpoint method and setup a Siri command. I have to take out phone but I just say “Hey, Siri unlock front door.”

It is a bit more convenient than opening a dashboard. Not exactly what you asked but something to consider. If you have an android phone, I assume something similar could be setup.

yes using voice can work from me, but I am in front of an apartment building and usually there are people around. I do not like using voice in this situation :slight_smile:

I use my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to open/close my garage door via Hubitat. I do this by using Hubitat's Maker API app to create an HTTP endpoint that activates my garage door. I then trigger that HTTP POST request using an app called Macrodroid on my Samsung smartphone. I also have the Macrodroid app installed on my Galaxy Watch which allows me to trigger that HTTP POST from my watch. It requires a little bit of setup, but seems to work fine. This method does require my phone to be connected to my watch. Much more convenient than pulling out my phone, starting up the Hubitat app, etc.

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Ooo super - I need to try this. I have Samsung watch 4 but with google pixel I hope is working :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, is working

You can also probably use the same idea with the app called Tasker (both on your phone and watch). I prefer using Macrodroid as I find the interface easier to work with.

Tasker I was not able to see it on the watch.
Ok now other question. I have buttons which will change some global variables. Now I try to play messages on Sonos to know if I Triger or not the change. I am looking for some time for battery leds with different colors which I can stick them somewhere and to be able to change color.
Like when my lights on corridor are triggered by movement one color and when I disable movement than other color.

So any one has found such device or has other idea?


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