I would like to move C4 dongle to a C7

I have searched, thought that there was a splitter cable to allow the dongle to move over and be used with a C7. Move the database over and no having to re pair devices.
It would allow me to keep the dongle suspended in mid air and out of the pile of electronics that have occurred.



This will not work on a C-7. The C-7 only supports the internal radio. The only use for such a cable on a C-7 (which also works on a C-5) would be adding a Wi-Fi adapter.

This does work on a C-5, either for users outside North America who need a different frequency (the built-in C-5 radio was only for North America) or anyone who wanted to do it for whatever reason, including moving from a C-3/C-4 or other C-5 with this setup.


I had hoped.
Now i will have to hope it survives till the C8's are available.
This will be the 3rd on this dongle, i only have one more to move into this slot.
That one can be replaced easily with a C7 if i have to.
To much sitting on top of each other...
5xC4, 4xC7, wifi extender, hue hub, 8 port switch, 18" x 14" board balanced on an APC UPS650, throw in a couple of smart plugs!
Dongles ( x3 ) are on the best USB cables i could get, spread abd suspended well above.
Inside concrete block building, many devices in metal sheds, some out 250'.

All I have to do is disable the internal C-5 zigbee and Z-wave radios and use the dongle from the C-4? This will allow me to use both zigbee and z-wave from the dongle?

Not even disable; it will just use them if plugged in.

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