C4 to C7 - Successful migration

Can you guess the day I upgraded from the C4 to C7?

Super happy with the C7 running all the same apps and same devices. No issues here and all my automations are snappy again. Thanks Hubitat Team!!



Dang you!! Now I have to open the box, and start the process. :wink:


I should too. Maybe in a few weeks!


I have a c3 and I'm dreading the process, not to mention several standard Z-Wave outlets and switches, hate to think of replacing all that at the same time

Good job Glad to hear it worked out

Awesome!! I have been dreading upgrading. Good to hear it went flawlessly for you.

One thing I decided to do which was easier for me was on the c4 I created virtual devices for all my zWave devices. Updated my rules by inserting the virtual device in the rule and removed the actual
Device. Once each zWave device was removed from all rules i went around and zWave excluded each device from the c4 hub. Then did a factory reset of the device. Backed up my c4. Powered it down. Boot up the C7, firmware upgrade the zWave chip, upgrade the hub firmware. Soft reset, restore backup from c4. Add zWave devices starting with the range extenders first starting at the hub and working my way out. Once all added, replaced the virtual devices in rules back with actual devices. Removed the virtual devices. Went around and reset the zigbee devices to include them in the hub. ZWave repair. Backup the C7.


Glad your C7 is working well, I just hope the HE team fixes these performance/zwave issues with the C4/C5 hubs. I have been contemplating upgrading to a C7, but I really should not have to in order to eliminate these issues that did not exist pre-2.2.3.

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I am going to do this same upgrade in about 2 weeks. Any hints (a dummies guide) to doing this?

I don't have any Zwave, only WiFi and ZigBee. Most rules are running through WebCORE.

Is the process to;

  1. Backup C4
  2. Exclude all the ZigBee devices (how is this done?)
  3. Shutdown the C4
  4. Start the C7 and run update(s)
  5. Add each Zigbee (give them the same names as on the C4)
  6. Load C4 backup


You have it easy. You don’t need to exclude any zigbee devices. Just backup the c4 and β– β– β– β–  it off. Power up the c7 and do a restore. Then go to each of your zigbee devices and run a pair to the new hub. Good to go.

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Mine didn't go so flawlessly - made a bunch of mistakes and ended up with a bunch of ghost devices. However I was able to sort it out with a Silicon Labs UZB stick and deleted them.

But just recently I went to replace 3 more switches with Zooz Zen77s and inexplicably ended up with 3 more ghost devices. Thought I did everything right this time... excluded the previous devices as well. These I was able to delete without the UZB stick, but no idea how they got there.

I have 1 more C4 to migrate, so hoping I can pull it off with no hiccups, but the whole ghost device thing has me suspicious.

The ghost devices you speak about are all zWave yes?

Correct. They're gone though, was able to clean it up.