I am desperate for ideas

I've been around here for a while. Some months very actively, some not. I have to admit that I've been quietly enjoying my home automation set up. Not moving forward at all with it. The problem is that I'm out of ideas. I've even visited other forums to find something with no luck. So ... I'm asking for ideas. Help ... I'm stalled. I've got ... HAB. (Home automation block)

  • Automate your sprinkler
  • Automate your blinds
  • Automate all lights based on motion + modes
  • Voice Activated Good Morning and Good Night routines
  • Monitor all plumbing hot spots for leaks
  • Monitor your mailbox to notify you when mail is delivered
  • Video Doorbell
  • Automatic water main shutoff valve (based on leak sensors earlier)


  • Washer and Dryer notifications and TTS

Set up a geofence rule to welcome you home, by turning on your driveway/porch/carport lights, and the inside light closest to the entry door. Condition the rule by sunrise/sunset, so the outside lights don't go on (or go on, then turn off a few seconds later) during daytime.

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I live in Iowa. My sprinkler is the rain. I have 3/4 of an acre and no sprinkler system to speak of.

I'd be very interested in doing my blinds. Very - Good idea. I'm writing that one down.

Done - But we have to have an electrician come in and add an exhaust fan in our bathroom. Possibility for automation, light and humidity in there. Once it's done.

My phone docks act as good morning, quiet time, and good night. I prefer to never have to ask my house to do anything. I can never remember the darn device names, so I gave up on that.

Much needed, but ... bores me. I just recently set up my smoke detectors. Had them for about a year.

I'm blessed with a post office box. When it gets full, the postmaster calls me. Amazon delivers to my garage with a smart lock.

Not interested in one as the traffic would always set it off. The way my house is, I'd end up turning it off. I would consider a pressure mat, though. Goood idea. thanks for that one.

Much needed, but .. I dunno .. on my list.

Husband does laundry while he's sitting in the next room watching tv on the 70" on Sundays. He can hear the little song it sings. He's always on top of it, So no need. (He spoils me)

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you could always look to write drivers for devices, sounds like you have a knack for everything HA already.

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Well thanks! Jack of all trades, master of none. I should sit down and do some learning. Not a bad idea.

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Then, you would be the ultimate puppet master of your HA Show!!

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But in the meantime, I'd like to find something cool to automate ... while I'm ... learning. So keep the suggestions coming. There's gotta be something fun that I can do. Even decorative maybe. I have some lightify sitting around that were intended for a project I ended up hating. So Now I have 2 set with essentially no home. One, I decided, is going into the closet we refinished. The other ... Great question.

You're saying a 6" gap between the new 'frame" and the flag? and the open center is lit? I like that. LED Strips of course, using the Fibaro RGBW controller and driver that just emerged from (beta).

  • Hot water recirculation system so you do not have to wait for the shower to warm up.
  • arrival sensor in the car to turn on whenever the car is running which opens your garage doors as you arrive or if accidentally started the car (kids or command start) with the garage doors closed to protect from carbon monoxide.

Outdoor shower.


Or enclosed.

Automation is all about how long the water runs per "button push." Mine uses 20 seconds.

The water goes through a sprinkler valve with the 24v controlled by a Qubino Dry Contact Relay or, Option two is to simply plug the 24v wall wart into a ZWave/Zigbee appliance module. I use an Enerwave Contact sensor with a AA battery holder to extend the life. Response time is about 2-3 seconds, with most of that being the sprinkler valve itself. Bonus points for adding an in line water heater. :slight_smile:

I also have an OFF every 20 mins in case there's a glitch.

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man.. Can I come and live at your house?
all the perks of HA and none of the work required to look after it / set it up / maintain it. lol

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If I'm out of options. Which with HA I'm not, but with changing or redecorate something at our house I used to think about every task I do every day of the week. So I get up in the morning, walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower, etc... Every little detail in there is important. After I've done that I look at it and ask myself at every step if there is something that would make each step easier or more pleasant. And almost every time I find something I can change to make it better. And I also ask my wife to do it like that once in a while. And I've even asked our cleaning lady to do it once. :grin:

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Salt water tank monitor?

How about whole home energy usage monitoring? I love my IoTaWatt.com devices.

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HEY! MY CLEANING LADY! I betcha there are things she'd like to see! Great idea!

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As in water softener? Tell me more ...

You could always move. That would start a whole new line of projects. :wink:

Take a look here:

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