Cool Lights

I think I kind've already did that one. If the doors open, the outside lights and garage lights turn on automatically. If I walk in the house and the movement is activated in the garage first then the dining room lights turn on when I open the foyer door. Thankfully, we're never in the dark. Certain lights automatically turn on and off according to sunset and sunrise. We're never in the dark. We always look like we're home. Even when we're not. Lights react according to presence, time and mode.

See .. this is why I'm stuck. Lit the steps to the basement.

Lit the bed and all of the lamps in the room.

Waiting on the electrician to put in a plug in the closet to light the new shelving

We're going to put a strip on the inside top lip over the clothes.

Thinking that I'd like to do something with this flag. My husband made it out of solid wood. How do you think it would look if I would get some molding to frame it about 6 inches around centered and light that molding? Like a frame?

I did something similar. I put a motion sensor in the garage, when i drive in and its between sunset and sunrise I turn on the house and then start to toggle things off. Haven't played with the presence stuff (new to Hubitat from Vera) but its on the list. I'm also going to put a very small motion AEOTEC multisensor under the eaves in front of my house to serve the outdoor temp to my thermostat so I can better manage my Ac/Heater, toggle on all my front lights if someone shows up and its after they turn off.

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