Humidity Sensor Recommendations

I've got some Xiaomis right now ... they drop off the network too much.
Yes, I've done the correct pairing method where they're not routed through any repeaters, and had them on the network for up to 3 months or so at a time.

The results are that my auto-fan routine fails after some time because they go on an adventure away from my mesh.

What Humidity sensors do you all recommend? (But not the 4-in-1 Z-Wave devices, they were also problematic :slightly_smiling_face: )

I've got 8 Konkes. They haven't dropped off the network since day 1, and I've been using them for about 5-6 months now. The only issue is that they only work on zigbee channels 15, 20, and 25.

Edit - they do both temp and relative humidity.

Edit 2 - here's a link: Konke ZigBee 3.0 Open Protocol Temperature Humidity Sensor Smart Home Environment Air Pressure Wireless Control|Smart Remote Control| | - AliExpress


Hmmm, that link indicates that zigbee 3.0 is required. I thought Hubitat was not 3.0?

Part of the 3.0 standard is a fall-back to ZHA 1.2 or ZLL depending on what the controller wants. So, if they are truly Zigbee 3.0 compliant, it should work without an issue on Hubitat. And since @aaiyar has been using them for 6 months, I would say that they definitely work with Hubitat.


I think @JasonJoel has been using them as well. Here's a link to @muxa's driver:


Yup, I use the Konke temp/humidity. They work well, but do have a few quirks:

  1. some say they only work on zigbee channels 15, 20, 25 - lately I've seen some others say they work on more channels :man_shrugging:. I could only get them to work on 15, 20, 25 on Hubitat (didn't test other channels on other hubs).
  2. Attempts to set the reporting thresh holds and frequency don't 100% work. It will respect the new settings for a while, then revert to the factory default. Luckily the default reporting seems to work well - I would actually like to turn down the # of reports to increase battery, but oh well.
  3. Work on all 3 of the different home automation hubs I currently run/test against.
  4. Work fine with repeaters that the Xiaomi will not work with. From my limited testing, they don't seem to require special/specific repeaters like the Xiaomi do - which is a big plus.

I can confirm this. They work with Centralite/Iris zigbee outlets as repeaters.

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How often do these update? Is it only intervals, or is there a change threshold option?

I think they update whenever there's a change in temperature/RH. Practically, for my sensors that happens every 6-20 minutes.

There's no threshold that can be set with @muxa's driver. But @JasonJoel may have written his own driver.

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I've been using these little Aqara sensors for several months now with no problems. They do both temp and humidity, and they even work from inside refrigerators and freezers.

I am using Nyce ceiling mounted in the bathrooms and SmartThings/Centralite as my reference sensors outside the bathroom.

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I also have the Konke sensors.
I also have the Centralite sensors.
Both are excellent and work well and unlike the Aqara sensors (I feel your pain @adamkempenich), I've never had them fall off the mesh.
They are both excellent, with the Konke more stylish and smaller and the centralite slightly more accurate.

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Can't go wrong with NYCE...


I have a deployed a few NYCE sensors.
(A strange thing. It's Canadian, but you can't buy any of their devices in Canada).
Anyway, their devices are rock solid, and almost as small as the Aqara sensors.
Somewhat on the expensive side.

Oh sweet. I like those motion sensors. Are they pretty fast/reliable?

Yes on both accounts.

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At ~5x the price of the Iris v2 sensors, I'll take my time to deploy these, but I'm excited to check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!

(Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!)


yeah, so I have 6 of these (3 ceiling, 2 curtain and 1 regular), they have never fallen of the network, never needed a reset and have been running on the same batteries for 2.5 years so far...


As in using them natively with Hubitat? No intermediate hub such Aqara? Thx

They will work natively (and stably) with Hubitat only if ALL your zigbee repeaters are compatible with Aqara sensors.

The Konke temperature & humidity sensors are about the same price and are zigbee 3.0 compliant do not have any special repeater requirement to work stably with Hubitat.

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