Humidity Sensor Recommendations

Thanks, I looked at those but eta is mid-May, but it sounds like the better option.

The Aqara sensors are working great natively with Hubitat in my setup, with SmartThings Smart Outlets as my repeaters.

Good to know because I also have Smarthings Smart Outlets as my repeaters.

Before getting any Xiaomi/Aqara devices, please read these two threads (especially the second):

And, FWIW, not all generations of SmartThings zigbee outlets work as repeaters for Aqara devices. The first generation definitely don't.

But they do have the channel 15, 20 or 25 only requirement though, don’t they?

@garyjmilne I do have the intermediate Aqara hub, but I do not use it for the Aqara temp/humidity sensor. I need to compare it against a second humidity sensor and since I connect my Aqara hub via Homebridge, that’s not possible. So as @aaiyar said, it can be connected directly to HE, but the two TRÅDFRI outlets that repeat for it cannot be moved or unplugged. Every time the happens, it drops from the Zigbee network. Very touchy setup.

Yes. That is correct. FWIW, I wouldn't use any channel other than those three anyway to minimize WiFi interference.

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My lucky 13 on the main hub has served me well. Doesn’t seem to work for others :man_shrugging:t3:

Second hub is now on 20 and that’s where the Konke motion sensor I have is living.

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Sounds like a potential headache. I guess I'll go with the Konke and wait a month.

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I like the Iris V3, they are about the same price as Aqara, and they are combo motion, humidity and temp. The only thing I dislike is they aren't as responsive as the Aqara. They don't do quite as good with fast events, like when I get into the shower for maybe 2-3 minutes. Other than that, they are very reliable, they don't ever have network issues.

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That's good to know, thanks. I'm stable with my Aqara right now, and can deal with the occasional drops. Was considering the IRIS (Centralite) for a replacement, but that slow response would piss me off that I paid so much for it and that's what I get. They're really expensive for me to get in Canada too (and pretty much impossible right now).

The Konke performance is better than that I assume? I just think they look kind of ugly. They remind me of one of those mini humidifiers you put in a humidor.

The Iris V2 are Centralite. Memory says the V3 are a Chinese manufacturer (GreatStar). I can attest that they are very quick as motion sensors. Haven't really tested them for anything else.

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How about your Konke? Are they fast responding?

Yup. They are. I like them. So far, they've been rock solid for temp/humidity (but not for battery reporting - which is terribly inaccurate).

Edit : I've got a couple Aqara as well. The Konkes are more accurate than the Aqara and less fussy about repeaters etc.

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Thanks. I don't really care about battery reporting. Can't trust most of them anyway. That's why I spend $100 on a really good battery tester! :crazy_face:

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Which one do you have? I have a cheapo from my local Harbor Freight (bargain basement hardware store). Need to consider replacing it.

This is the one that I used to see in the Photo labs when I worked at Agfa and later Fujifilm. They are very accurate, and I used to see them at Kodak when I worked for a dealer. Kodak had their own private label version.

Oh, duh!. To answer your question directly. That's the one I have. :rofl:

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Has anyone tried these at all? I like the idea of powering them via USB.

Tuya Temperature/Humidity sensor

I have. I didn’t have good luck with them — they kept hopping off my mesh. Mine are the v1, so I’m not sure if the later revisions are any better.

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I see last comment was over a year ago. Any other suggestions since?
I have a Tuya sensor, just don't know how accurate its humidity sensor is

the device itself is pretty reliable , using AAA batteries so no button cell what I think is awesome. Any experience with this? what do you recommend instead in 2023?